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HookthenCook for Police Deputy?

A new Police Rank Application has been submitted by HookThenCook.
  • In-Game Name: HookThenCook
  • Server: Roleplay #10
  • SteamID64: 76561198347777836
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Applying For: Police/RCMP Deputy
  • Age: 15
  • Time in current rank and role: 40hrs+
  • Reasons why I wish to be promoted: So I've been pretty active recently as a police chief and have been doing my job on the best way (ticketing,arresting) . I want to move to the higher level of having the ability to warrant criminals and issue search warrants for bases and shops to make sure that there's no illegal business going on anywhere (if anything illegal noticed). I was also a police captain on #13 and I have a lot of experience of being a cop . I'm also pretty good at PvP and I do not fear anyone :D
  • Higher Police members That Have Referred Me to Fill out This Application: Goat , Spooky ( Retarded Doughnut) & Moot
  • Illegal RP items: Glue,Rails,MilitaryKnives,All High Caliber weapons,Berries,Explosives and Any kind of police/swat impersonation
  • Previous bans: Nope
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By Liona
mayor +3 added
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By Halo

Super Duper Active
Carries Me On PvP Cause I'm A Big Nub :hystericalpanda:
Knows The Laws
Cracks Down On Criminals That It Makes Me Terrified :playfulpanda:


Still Holding A Grudge Against That Doughnut Shop He Locked Me In :hotheaded:

Overall, +1. Good luckkkkkk :heartfulpanda:
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By Ali
+1 to this app. :heartfulpanda:
Would be happy to see Hook get Police Deputy.
Hes a good player, and would make a trustworthy, and good Deputy.
Ive seen him actively play and make arrests while following the rules of being a cop and keeping good RP.
If anyone deserves Police Deputy, its Hook. :P
-1 i dont want him police raiding