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By E.C.S
Hi there,

So recently I was banned(12hrs) for KOSx1, according to the judgement of spacebar I believe. I believe his judgement on this particular case was wrong. First of all, he took the situation out of context. I believe he may have thought I was shooting without talking to him, that is very wrong. Q2(forgot the rest of his name) threatened me telling me to "put my hands high" as well as pulling out a Zubekanov and shooting to get my attention. I, of course, did not know he was just a doctor and joking, so I fired back. It was an unfortunate misfire, and I apologise. I also find it unfair, that this guy, who caused all of this received a warning, whilst I received a 12-hour ban over this misunderstanding. I also did not loot his body and saw that I had committed wrong so I told him to tpa to me to get his stuff back. My steam id: noooo33212
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By Supreme Leader