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Anarchy - Son of Seattle

Episode 1: Civilization?:

Current time:

Marius (Anarchy): Danger Surrounded me on my journey back to Seattle. The evil which had plaqued Pei, Had now infected this city. Starving refugees from our once-free Bmc Lined the roads, telling tales of deprivation and torture. The rule of law lay shattered. My life's solitary purpose was to return to Seattle and, end that evil you have created, Burnt. To prevent you from destroying Seattle that I love and return it to its people.

6 day ago:

(Marius was finally returned to Seattle. He saws the Seattle is starving, Emperor's men killing the civilians. He was returned to kill the Emperor and his Sons. For killing his father and betraying his legion In alberton. When he go through the middle of city there is was crying citizens and mouning their losts)

A Bmc citizen: Why?? gods why....

(Marius was walking to his home. He didnt saw his home and Seattle for past 10 year. That wasnt the Seattle he was waiting for. When he was getting closer to his home he sees 4 praeteroians trying to shred a woman's clothes woman was screaming. Marius had to help her)

Marius (Anarchy): Praeteroians!!!

(Then a praetorian looks at the marius and laughs and says)

A Praeteroian: What's this then?? Valiant hero? Battle scarred veteran of the campaigns?

Marius (Anarchy): Drop your swords. Or I kill you where you stand!

Other Praeteroian: Get him!!

(Marius and praetorians is fighting. Marius slashes a Praetorian's armor then other one try to spears Marius. But Marius blocks with his shield and crouch. And Shaft his sword to his armpit and he dies. Other one hits Marius's helmet its splits into 3 pieces. Marius slashes his guts. Other 2 praetorians are starting to scare. One of them runs away. Other one runs to Marius. Marius bashs him with his shield. Then he falls to the ground then Marius hits his head with shield 6 time. His head explodes and Marius's shield gets full of bloods)

(Then Marius runs to catch the escaping Praetorian. He goes inside a house and sees the Praetorian informing his leader. Marius hides)

Escaped Praeteroian: Sir! A centurion murdered Atticus, Janus and Pomecanus!

(Leaders hears a sound from house and says)

Praeteroian Leader: You two! Take look!

(They look at house and sees nothing)

A Praeteroian: Sir its empty.

Praeteroian Leader: Okay get back to your post.

A Praeteroian: Yes sir!

(Marius gets out from house and walks to his home)

Marius (Anarchy): I'm gonna have to stay off streets if I want to avoid trouble...

(Marius finally reaches behind his home and sees 2 preatorians dropping dead bodies from his home to a pit)

A Praeteroian: Fifty... Nine!!

(Throws another body)

Other Praeteroian: How many more?

A Praeteroian: About hundred or so. Up on Xsorf, Someone drew Burnt's face on a horse's arse.

Other Praeteroian: Not a good Idea we're burrying the whole street.

(Marius changes his route to get answers from Head Senator, To Learn why all these Unnecessary deaths. And why his Father is Killed)

(He goes to Senate, He walks in to it casually but the a Praetorian guard says)

Praeteroian: Soldier. Where are you going to? No one can enter the Sen-

(Marius shaft his sword to his neck. Then opens the main door of senate house, Then guards runs to Marius, But Marius kills two of them. Then Marius walks to Head Senator's room then opens the door. Another guard tries to attack Marius but Marius shaft his sword to his guts)

Xsorf: Who are you??? Im the Head Senator of Bmc! You cant kill me! Im your higher..

(Marius slashs his calf)

Marius (Anarchy): Why?? Why emperor killing this peoples ??

Xsorf: I dont kno-

(Marius beats his face with his punches)

Marius (Anarchy): Why my father is killed? Tomatochunks, who gave you the order?

Xsorf: Emperor did please let me live. He kills the citizens because he is mad please. Dont kill me.

Marius (Anarchy): Why Emperor killed my father?

Xsorf: He never told me.. I just get paid by him to win the elections, Please dont kill me.

(Marius realizes this old Senator doesnt know why his father is killed. But he must pay for what he did. Marius shaft his sword to his heart. Then goes back to his home)

(While going to his home he sees a old man speaking to Marius)

Old man: Are you lost stranger?

Marius (Anarchy): No, I'm home.

(Marius enters his garden... and sees Fountain in middle of the garden where his mother and sister murdered, He just drops his shield sword and helmet. Tears coming from Marius's eyes. When he looks at the Fountain he remembers his father and him seeing their dead family. The life was hard for Marius he had lost everything he have. After ten years of straight fighting Marius just dropped to his knees. Looking at the water in Fountain. But then he sees a sun reflect from water. It was the Doge. God of the Summer)

Doge: You see, Marius, it's not always in distant lands that our greatest enemies lurk.

(Marius gets up and looks at him)

Marius (Anarchy): Who are you? Why did this happen? My father was a hero of Seattle!

Doge: Your father was a great general and a popular senator. Too popular, perhaps. The emperor is a jeolous man, a petty man.

(Doges slowly comes closer to Marius)

Doge: Your father lived to serve Bmc. Emperor Burnt serves only himself. He seeks power for the sake of power. He belives himself a god. A cold wind from the North whispered poisonous words into the Emperor's ear. Your father and other like-Minded men wanted to return Seattle to its People. Bmc was bad at leading. So the Emperor had them Murdered. After all that is what emperors do. The spoils of his greed were divided beetween his sons, Mattcobra and NeedleesMemeing. He lavished upon them great powers and responsibilities, For which they were unworthy. Bmc is failing its children, Marius. You are a vital peace in the game of man. And you Like all of us, Have a role to play.

(Doge takes Marius's dagger that His father gived him, The dagger of Anarchy. And shows to Marius)

Doge: Anarchy. You are Spirit of vengeance. Fate of the empire is in your hands. Save Seattle.... Save seattle from them.

(Marius takes the dagger, Doge dissepears. Marius goes to his home)

Current time:

Marius (Anarchy): I needed entry to Emperor's tournament. This could granted by just one man. So I paid him a visit.
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I love these, can you make one where im in it aswell plzz
I love these, can you make one where im in it aswell plzz
I will but In another story so you can be in story longer this story have only 2 episodes left
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By Bat-Kat
can we get a gamer recap i lost track of the story