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Warning: This is a fictional book, In alternate universe. Most of the things happened here is not real. hope you like my book! I'm inspired from Ryse son of Rome (Its a long book but you wont regret to read it I fixed my shitty grammar. and its the 5th episode) you can comment about my story. And what you think and tell me if u dont liked a part of story

Anarchy - Son of Seattle

Episode 5: The Wall:

(Its was very cold and snowy night. Wanderer and Soa legion was camping near the wall. And trying to make a plan to how to reach beyond the wall. This warriors wasnt look like from this world. They was massive and tall. Wanderer and the centurions gathered in tent.)

Wanderer: Centurion, Jrider,Deadeye you will lead your men to the main entrance with my men. Zero you will take your archers to this hill. And when will Marius opens the gate we will charge.

Centurions: Yes sir!

Wanderer: Order your men to take the positions. Today we will clash our swords!

(Centurions leaved the room except Marius)

Marius: Sir, What is your orders for me?

Wanderer: You will not fight in battlefield today Marius. You and your most experinced mans will climb the wall. And destroy this balistas, or we have no chance against this beasts. And you need to open the gate.

Marius: Yes sir.

(Marius was leaving the room but Wanderer grabs his arm)

Wanderer: I trust you in this Marius. Your father would be proud of you.

(Marius nods his head then quits the tent.)

Marius: Salsa and zevic to me. Ready your ten best men we will climb to this wall. Destroy this balistas and open the main gate.

Zevic: By the gods! how are we going to do that?

Marius: Its will be long way.

(Marius placed the Ladder on the wall and started to climb.)

(While hours are passing Soa is taking positions. Marius and 12 soldier is started to climb the wall. After 5 minute of straight climbing they reached top of the wall.)

Marius: Salsa, Take your mens to destroy the balistas. Zevic you and your mens will follow me to open the gate. Salsa when your job is done Hit your shield with your sword three time. I will do the same. Then we will open the gate and run.

Salsa: Yes my centurion.

(The sun was borning night was ending. Marius,Zevic and 3 soldier is sneaked near the gate and check the guards)

Barbarian Guard: Lanet Olsun tüm gün ayakta durmaktan bıktım gidip isiyeceğim.

Other Barbarian Guard: Pekala ben burada duracağım.

Zevic: What is this language?

Marius: I dont know Zevic Its not important. Stop bothering me with this unnecessary questions. We are here because of a reason. A bastard is taking piss. Its the time. Kill the guards be quiet.

(Marius Is sneaked behind the pissing man and stab through his heart behind him. Zevic taked the guard on the gate. Then they broked the gate's openning handle. Marius hit his shield three time but Salsa isnt they waited for five minute but another guards was coming. Salsa was caught Marius opened the gate. And all of them start running. Balistas wasnt destroyed a Soa soldier got shot Marius,Zevic and a guy maded out alive and other barbarians run outside the wall to catch them. Wanderer saw the plan is not done well and he ordered his mens to attack)

Wanderer: Sons! Attack! for your country! for your brothers and sisters! This son of bastards taked the General. Thats why we are here if you want to return to your home. We must be victorius!

(Battle started Sons and barbarians clashed outside the wall. Zero and the archers shot the archers on top of the wall. But balistas wiped the Soa archers. Zero is got shot by a balista in the leg. Sons was beating the barbarians in the battlefield. In a minute they cleared the barbarians outside the wall but when Sons tried to enter the wall they got shot by balista. And get killed by throwing rock from top of the wall. Wanderer ordered to retreat)

Wanderer: Everybody retreat to camp!

(Soa is runned to camp. Barbarians thought its a victory most of them left the wall and run to them. Its was biggest mistake they ever did)

Wanderer: Shield wall. Hold steaaddyyy.. Hold steaaaddyyyy.... ATTACK!

(Sons attacked back as shield wall. Marius was in the front line with a spear. He witnessed many man dying and replacing. But somehow he maded it out alive. But centurion Jrider wasnt that lucky. Got axed in the head. Sons cleared the barbarians and rushed to the castle as shield wall. Balistas was piercing through the shields. and door was blocked by woods. Some of the mens tried to broke the door some of them tried to climb with ladder)

Marius: Soldiersss be ready for close quarter. Take your Swords. And ready to face the death.

(Some of the mens in ladder reached to the top and attacked from there. Door is broked Marius and other mens rushed to inside and started fighting. Soa disembark the Shield wall and attacked one by one. 2 barbarians came to Marius. Marius throwed a spear one of them. Then killed the other. Marius entered the guardhouse. When he entered it there is was 4 barbarians. Marius was quick slashed one of them but. Got a stab on his stomach. He fall down and got beated by barbarians. They beat Marius with their bare hands. One of them step on the marius and ready to punch his face but Marius taked a dagger from his pocket and stab him right in to neck. Other guy taked axe hit with it but its hit the corpse. Then Zevic entered the room and killed the barbarian. Last one Jumped to Zevic. But Marius stabbed him in the back.)

(The wall was taken by Soa. Soa killed every living. And find the injured mens. Marius found Salsa on the toilet hole. Heavily Injured one of his eye was taken. and Zero didnt maked out alive. But it was just the beginning, of the Edge of the world.)

Current Time:

Marius: Many sacrified on the Wall. We were getting weaker everyday. We travel to the edge of the world. Some of us didnt maked out alive. We was praying to gods to find your son, Matt and return to our home. To seattle.
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By Bat-Kat
turkish is confirmed goblin language
turkish is confirmed goblin language
make prequel about me and wanderer when we used to fight together before after this series pls
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make prequel about me and wanderer when we used to fight together before after this series pls
I will do it after main series ends :) <3
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