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By Outspace
Hello, this is Outspace, notorious leader of BMC and stuff. Heres a place to request a raid. In this, you can put the base of those you hate the most! I will raid it free of charge. Of course, if a BMC base is put here then i will just ignore the post. I will not be responding to any posts on here, and I expect that every message will be simple

You put the dimensions or type of base, and where. You can put why if you want to explain it. What will come out of this is the base of those you hate being destroyed by me, or by other BMC members. Worst case some random raider sees bases on here and decides to start raiding them, you still get your worst enemies bases destroyed.

You may also DM me at Outspace#0263 to privately request a raid, looking at you cops ;)
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By Cookie
id like to order a raid on diner
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By Ze Golden Pug
Yes I would like a request to raid my soul please
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By Voxil
BMC Diner plox
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By Space.Bar
every base in seattle xd