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By ZanyFilmz
As a long time PH player I have bought the MVP+ rank on the store multiple times.

NOW... having Bamboo is important, but you can't buy more without re-buying a rank.

Is there a way we can do a community vote so we could add in the store the ability to specifically buy bamboo?!
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If you follow this link (, you will find what you're looking for. It's a monthly subscription which gives bamboo and other in-game perks such as kits and a salary.
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By ZanyFilmz
I'm not talking a monthly subscription. I'm talking a separate system to buy Bamboo alone. Without the kits and extras that MVP+ already has.

Please move this topic back to general.
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By Sp4x
Idk how you're blowing through all that bamboo man. Just use it wisely imo; dont spend it on stupid shit and you won't need to worry :)
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By ZanyFilmz
I still don't think your getting my point here. I'm not asking where. I'm asking if the community can vote on a new system to specifically sell bamboo. I'm stacked on bamboo. I'm asking as a community suggestion. Hell, and to make y'all money :laugh:
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By Miku
We will not sell bamboo alone. We've stated this many times, but we are against such excessive amount of pay-to-win.
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