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By Liona
Over my time on Pandahut, I've done stupid shit, not been the best part of the community and have promised time and time again to change. This time, I'm changing for good, I know you all may be skeptical and not believe me but for once, I'll back it up with words. I can now understand how RP is and how if looked at from the right angle, can be a fun time.

I'd like to apologise to the staff team and the community as well, I've caused hardships and drama just due to the fact I didn't approve of the direction RP is going. I can now see that instead of fighting the tides of change, I should embrace them and try to steer them on another course in due time instead of opposing a "dam" to try and stem it.

I hope we can all get along now, and that all those I've annoyed, pissed off or hurt can forgive me.

Thank you from the bottom of my frying pan,

-Mother Liona
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By GrandpaHoovie
cool, hope u change for the better m8, gL!
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By Outspace
Very nice
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By Supreme Leader
Good to see you wanting to do more good in this community old friend
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By Javi-kun
ummmmm..... noice
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By Spartacus
i'll forgive yoi this time, but build a fucking hut in the middle of the gas station when i'm running a mechanic, ur out little dog woof woof
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By Spartacus
ur so bald right now lmao
i am really bald always.