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By OtterPope
The Washington Workers' Guild is a place where all players may come to acquire jobs, earn salary, and accept contracts.
Our primary goal is to help new players learn how the server operates, help them earn bamboo, and hopefully attach them to the server by showing off all the awesome features PandaHut has to offer.
Jobs, Salaries, and Contracts are available to all players and the Guild is very strict on remaining neutral, but helpful.

We're located on the left side of Everett, right next to the bridge.

Massive thanks to Apples and Mushy for approving the Building Permit, DM OtterPope#1337 for proof.

The Guild offers a variety of jobs and contracts, ranging from very simple and safe to difficult and even dangerous. The jobs differ in how much money they make, but also how difficult/tedious they may be.
A list of simple jobs currently available:
  • Farmer - Bring crates of produce to the Guild. Farming subsidies will increase your pay-out, but if the Guild has too much of a certain produce, you may be paid less or not at all.
    Lumberjack - Honest pay for honest work. Lumberjacks get paid per log and requests for certain types of wood will increase your pay-out. Very easy, great for new players looking to make some quick cash.
    Fisherman - Paid per fish, each fish is worth a different price and if you manage to catch a squid, you get 5,000 bamboo.
    Looter - Can be slightly dangerous when other players are also looting in your area. Simply find items around the map and bring them back for cash
    Hunter - Take down wild animals and bring back their meat, leather, and misc items for some profit. A nice side job for when you're traveling the map.
As stated before, jobs vary on income, but all of the simple jobs are designed as a "More work - More money" sort of deal.
You do not have to sign up for a simple job and are not limited on how many you can do at once. If you want to farm wheat, fish while it grows, and hit some animals on the way to the Guild? Go ahead, earn as much as you can!

Simple jobs are also not locked to certain roles.

Looking for something more roleplay like? Salary jobs is where it's at!
A list of salary jobs, their current payments, and what they do:
  • Taxi Driver - $200 every 10 minutes, you keep what you make from pick ups. Taxi is provided, but requires a $500 bamboo deposit which is returned upon Taxi return.
    Guild Chef - $150 every 10 minutes, keep what you make from sales. Access to Guild Kitchen in the Cafe area, but you're allowed to travel all over the Guild's area (Leaving the Guild Area may result in being fired).
    Pilot - $300 every 10 minutes, keep what you make from transporting players. Helicopter is provided, but requires a $3000 bamboo deposit which is returned upon Heli return.
    Security Guard - $250 every 10 minutes, police ranks only, but stay around the Guild. Security Outfit is provided, no deposit.

Salary Jobs are limited and you must sign up at the front desk. You may not acquire multiple salary jobs. If you are not doing your job then you may be fired, but we're usually very lenient.

Finally, for players who are looking to make a nice chunk of cash in one go, contracts.
There are 3 types of contracts: Delivery, Robbery, and Special
  • Delivery Contracts are straight forward: Take this item to this place/person, get money. The Guild will randomly put out pizza delivery contracts to random players. If you happen to get a pizza delivery, please accept it as it's already paid for! Free Pizza! Other players may also put out contracts for 150 + the buy price of the item. We've had katanas, kestrals, and even a vehicle delivery for a hummingbird. All were completed.
    Robbery Contracts, referred to as 'Robbery Requests', are as the name implies a request to rob someone. It's basically a hit, but instead of killing the target you rob them of their valuables and get out of there. These contracts are obviously for bandits only and you only get the contract reward if you:
    1. Don't get killed.
    2. Don't get banned for improper robbery.
    3. Rob them of their backpack and visible weaponry.

Special Contracts can be anything the user/guild wants them to be.
Whether it's simply completing a task, finding a rare item, or going on an exploration mission, special contracts always pay well.

A screenshot from a Biohazard Exploration Mission. We had to suit up to keep ourselves from being killed in the dead zone while we found a lot of cool items and loot that the participants got to keep (totally wasn't placed there >_>").
I also did a diving mission to recover lost katanas. Divers had to suit up in order to stay in the water for long periods of time while collecting any katanas they come across (the katanas seem to not be there at first, but started spawning in the longer they looked <_<")

The Guild has a few ranks that have different benefits and requirements to obtain. The lower ranks do not require you to be an actual part of the Guild, but to obtain higher ranks you must prove your dedication to the Guild and its objectives.
Guild ranks are as followed:
  • Associate - The lowest rank that can be achieved, they gain no bonus rewards but are only taxed 10%. Achieved by joining the Discord.
    Journeyman - After completing a good amount of jobs and contracts, a player is awarded the journeyman rank. They receive small bonuses to their contract rewards and salaries and are taxed 5%.
    Member - Requires 2 weeks in the Guild and a good amount of jobs/contracts completed. Members get access to enclosed guild parking lot, never taxed, and a good bonus to contracts and salaries.
    Expert - Requires 1 month in the Guild, get the same perks as member but a much large bonus to contracts and salaries. They gain access to Guild Storage and may work the front desk. They must also prove they are dedicated to the Guild's objective of helping players and creating a sense of roleplay on the server.
    Master - Assigned by OtterPope. The most trusted of the Guild, has access to all Guild assets and has a large sway on Guild decisions and funds.

Other titles:
  • Contributor - Dedicated time or bamboo to the Guild's construction and longevity.
    Mentor - Helped trained new players in how the server operates or how to make money.
    Observer - Given to any Pandahut staff that join the Discord

Miku snaps half of the map away

I hope the Guild does well and membership grows. It's been something I've been working on for a while and I've already gotten a ton of support from players and even staff. A little bit of support goes a long way and it makes all the time building and settings things up worth it.
Events are already being planned out and scheduled with the rewards being either large amounts of bamboo or even ranks that I'll pay for out of my own pocket.
Why? Because I can!

Massive thanks to all of the contributors that donated and helped make the Guild possible!
  • Poonisher: Helped mine scrap and cover expenses for the First Construction of the Guild
    God: Donated over 100 scrap to the Guild's Construction
    K. Rome: Helped mine scrap and donated $25,000 to the Guild.
    ShrewdShroud: Donated $50,000 to the Guild.
    MoMo: Donated $20,000 to the Guild.
    Cherry Diesel: Donated ~$10,000 to the Guild in contracts when we first launched.
    iMC: Donated $120,000 to the Guild.
    AJ: Donated $50,000 to the Guild.
    Frosty: Donated $10,000 to the Guild.
    Zuke: Donated $200,000 to the Guild.
    RP Admin Apples: Giving me my building permit
    Mushy: Extending the building permit from Apples.

The final goal for the Guild is to acquire its own zone and making it into an official part of #10 dedicated to helping players though we're probably a long ways from that.
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Major +1.
Any BMC who raids this will be in trouble. Good luck and thank you for actually contributing to RP in a neutral way.
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By Spartacus
yes you in the corner, yes you also! you, you, yes you in the black sweater!
is it indeed Pablo here to give his personal opinion!
pablo gives this a +1, because i like it.
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By GrandpaHoovie
I like fish
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By iMC
So...basically turning Pandahut into an actual RPG.
Other than that +1. Reminds me of Unturned Russia/Hawaii/Greece campaigns.

Speaking of campaign, I suggest a "starter's contract" for new guild members (or new players) that functions as a tutorial/test of sorts. If they can complete it without getting banned, they have access to salary jobs and other contracts.

Expect a donation soon.
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By Klockmann
Yeah, im not really around anymore, cause its impossible for me to have time - but i love to lurk around this lovely community once in a while and miss the family it once was.
I would like to donate a good amount of my old earnings from running PSD to this new great project to improve rp.

Feel free to DM me on discord "Klockmann#3349" and arrange a transaction.
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By Supreme Leader
I'm definitely not around no more due to my own personal reasons and certain people, but I'd like to say this is one of the best, authentic, neutral rp businesses I've seen throughout my 2 and a bit years of ph! As Klockmann does, I like to lurk around this community and I miss what it used to be too.
If you'd like some of my little balance of bamboo from my rp balance, feel free to pm me @ The Supreme One#9418
Goodluck on your business!
- Supreme Leader
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By Chromatic
+1 Otter is a great guy who really cares about the community of the server. He is doing his best to bring a more friendly RP experience to the players, regardless of the cost to him. Please make this a region/zone, permanently making it a part of the servers culture!
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