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By Matty
Hello my fellow pandas,

As other groups such as BMC and other people seem to not understand what the purpose of my city is as well as many of us starting school, we could no longer protect BH City.
I tried making a difference and try to change peoples view on RP but as it turns out it's simply too hard people come and destroy things, place random barricades, and offfline raid, making roleplay there very hard and demanding.
I will not be online as much either since i have college now, but I appreciate all support made for BH City, and I hope you guys enjoyed your stay.
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By Tara Moist
Thanks for the time Matty, and good luck on college! See you next break/summer?
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By GrandpaHoovie
L8r m8 good days for u
‘‘Twas fun the short time it lasted
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i think its for the beter

becuase BMC is coming back and you know them they will just raid everything but im still waiting for my refund
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By MattCobra
Cya Matt! I’ll miss you my dude
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By Outspace
oof bye
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By Javi-kun
Rip BH City but lag shall be no more
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By Outspace
Rip BH City but lag shall be no more
Wrong, at this point its just undecaying shells of the buildings as BMC slowly raids them away. Nothing is being wiped rn so thats a yikes