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By Bat-Kat
hey gamers, if you cant tell by the fact that i havent been on in a few months, im leaving ph and stopping playing unturned. i've been playing since 2015, and i've found everything fun that there is in this game. nothing else really interesting is in the game.
i prolly wont come back in 4.0 unless something cool happens to the game.

ty to all you gamers like martholemew crowbar, yoshi the egg, needless gay, imc for not being so gay, shadownova for helping a ninja out since 2015, jack deezy for buying me vip and getting me into pvp and unturned, astro for being chill, assaultqueen for being p much the best head admin, josh for giving me the experience of the pepd, aj for giving me some platform on gfs, flopdup for being a p cool admin guy person from bosnia named martholemew, shadodart for giving me the experience of my first pvp group, the kollector (a jew and his shackles) for being my guy throughout 2015 and 2016, some other people, and finally mushy and miku for making this awesome server network

fuck you bannedhammer

love you gamers, ill maybe hop back on every so often but im not making promises
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By Oldman AJ
Pandahut Player since 2015 ( OG )
Content Creator since 2016
Thank you for being with us on GFS as a content creator, Chief Technical Officer and also the head of Eagle Newspaper Division
Good life with ya life Mate
I hope you would show up at 4.0

#PandahutHallOfFame #BatKat #JeromeMode