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With The up and coming Milton State, and new 13, I announce a Contest, of Survival of the Fittest

Teams Of competitors will compete in forts, surviving wave after wave of zombies, guts, and boulders. The Competitors will starve until they muster a expedition party to gather food, and supplies for the starving team. 4 separate towns in Milton State will have a building, with fortifications and a horde beacon will be placed every time the previous finishes. The winning team gets 20k split evenly among them. there are 4 teams, The Biohazard squad, Special Ops, The Military, and finally the Mafia. Each team gets unique modded gear, some starting food, and finally ammunition and after a brief break, the hordes will approach
I plan for all of this to happen during July 20th 1pm Pst the discord link is here
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