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With The up and coming Milton State, and new 13, I announce a Contest, of Survival of the Fittest

Teams Of competitors will compete in forts, surviving wave after wave of zombies, guts, and boulders. The Competitors will starve until they muster a expedition party to gather food, and supplies for the starving team. 4 separate towns in Milton State will have a building, with fortifications and a horde beacon will be placed every time the previous finishes. The winning team gets 20k split evenly among them. there are 4 teams, The Biohazard squad, Special Ops, The Military, and finally the Mafia. Each team gets unique modded gear, some starting food, and finally ammunition and after a brief break, the hordes will approach
I plan for all of this to happen during July 20th 1pm Pst the discord link is here
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So you just kill zombies?
Eternity wrote:So you just kill zombies?

Im buffing their armor so they are kinda small bullet spunges, also several horde beacons and amping up spawn rate, well gonna ask for that
oh yea if the winning team feels like it i can give 200k PVP bamboo instead
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By Java
Invite expired noooooooooob
Java wrote:Invite expired noooooooooob

Well shit