Important website and server-related announcements.
Hello Pandas,

We have recently released two servers:

Pandahut #12 Escape from Unturov:
  • You can go into a raid on your own or in a team to collect loot and complete quests. Of course, you are not the only one who wants to have the best weapons, so heated battles arise in a war-torn part of Russia. To keep your Loot safe, there is a safezone where you can trade with the players and NPCs, accept quests and set up your own apartment.
    Unturned Mod Credits: ... 1723853293
  • IP: or Port: 27015
  • Hardcore, First Person only, no Hit markers or cross hair.

Pandahut#14 Creative:
  • IP: or Port: 27015
  • Map: Washington
  • You can use the commands /i, /v, /save and /load to do whatever you want to on the creative server!
  • Earn money by killing people and ranking up to use /airstrike at certain locations!

Pandhaut #4 Semivanilla:
  • IP: or Port: 27015
  • Map: Washington
  • Semi vanilla is vanilla but with TPA, as well as a 10x loot spawn rate.
  • This server was released a good while ago, but it's doing well and was never announced! So we thought it deserved a proper announcement.

We hope you all have fun and as always, any problems or bugs can be reported on our forums. :bamboo: