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By I-NoSc0pedJFK
Recently, me and my group had a altercation with another group on pandahut #9. This group was extremely salty after dying and proceeded to report a group member of mine. He was unfairly banned even with no evidence. Nebula reviewed the case and had him unbanned. The same group all reported 2 more players on the server right after and both of those people were also innocent of hacking. This group continues to report players for hacking every time they lose a fight. I think activity like this should get a warning but after which there should be some sort of punishment for spamming that people are hacking who aren't.
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By Aren
Hey man I suggest you pm this to me on discord so we may discuss this. If you believe a staff member is unfairly banning players I would pm it to miku / myself / create a player report / mushy.