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By GrandpaHoovie
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By GrandpaHoovie
Wait shits sry bout mistakes made in writing since while writing more candidates sprinted up
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By MattCobra
You literally had one job
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You literally had one job
Y do u think banan called me a spoon brained fuck
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By GrandpaHoovie
Sheriff DavidsonToday at 9:35 AM
  • Thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer my questions Mushy.
  • You are most welcome. I’m happy to answer your questions, let’s get started.
  • Can u tell us how did u get into the world of unturned and created one of best rp servers on unturned?
  • PH all started way back in the summer of 2015 in the early days of Unturned 3.0. One fine evening I saw Miku playing Unturned and decided to join in and build a base. When we started out, our main goal was to create a place where we could play in peace, without others being jerks to us and everyone else. After we finally settled on a server setup, the wave of people that started joining was large, since we were one of the few server networks with functional plugins. The concept of shared currency between servers was also new at the time. We didn’t set out to make a game server, let alone a whole network at first, but by the end of the year we were already at 12 servers keeping up with player demand.

    What made you get into unturned and tell us what all stuff did u go through to achieve this success?
  • What made me get into Unturned was the way that it’s modifiable, and most importantly, it’s one of the few games apart from Minecraft that fulfill a childhood dream of mine. That is, a game that allows players to build the entire reality around them from the ground up, building block by building block.

    The key to success is different for everyone. For Miku and I, it was a combination of hard work and being at the right place and time with the right tools in hand.
  • Some people say you're ruthless with perma bans such as I4SHEEP and mrbagelcheese. What do you have to say to this?
  • I would not say I am ruthless at all, as I have only ever perma banned those who were in severe need of it. I have always made it a point to call out our staff members if they were ever being too strict. In all honesty I am neutral when it comes to banned players. All players who have been given a permanent ban by our higher up team are not intended to come back. Our staff team only has so much time to allocate to our players, and for everyone’s benefit our time should not be wasted on unnecessary bs.
  • Tell us ya day to day routine as a pH founder
  • I try to stay away from adhering to very strict routines, since the game can update at any time, or the players/servers might need urgent attention, so we’re always on the go. I rarely go a day without checking our help forums, emails, check for wrong donations, check player ban logs, etc. Miku has also set up several server-monitoring services that we keep an eye on regularly, such as Discord bot health meters, server bandwidth and memory usage, and a bunch of other metrics.
  • Speaking of pandahut, how do you manage pandahut and what other stuff do you do / plan and does it effect your commitments irl?
  • We have a somewhat flexible schedule and we’re both willing to dedicate a lot of our free time to Pandahut. Life commitments absolutely do get in the way, but Miku and I can spot each other. Most importantly, our staff members never fail to be there when we need them, and they’re vital to staying on top of things and communicating efficiently.
  • What are your future plans on pandahut servers?
  • Right now there is very little detail on how Unreal II’s development platform will look like, as it has not yet been released. While we do have plans for PH in Unturned II, for the time being we are focusing on our current players and servers. There are a lot of new and exciting things coming up for players and staff alike.
  • Speaking of pandahut servers what do you think about the current state of PH rp?
  • In general, we are satisfied with the way things have unfolded in RP. Miku has gone over almost all the plugin code I created since 2015 (with lots of noob mistakes and bad practices) to fix and optimize them. We have seen RP #10 up at 30+ players quite frequently as of late, which is something we would struggle to do on RP before, so we’re happy to see the community presence.
  • When will PH13 be active and what features can we expect from this PH13 launch?
  • We have quite a few cool things in store for everyone as far as the RP servers are concerned. Some of the stuff, you’ll wonder how we did without it for so long. Miku and I have both put a lot of work into it and although I can promise you it’s coming soon, though that’s as far as I will elaborate.
  • What are your opinions on pvp ?

    PvP is what Unturned used to be all about in the olden days. There was a time when we had 10 PvP servers and 2 RP servers. The PvP servers were much more active. Nowadays we find that the players are generally either interested in either plain vanilla PvP, or servers with modified gameplay of some sort.
  • Are you planning any major events for pvp?s
  • The PH fourth year anniversary is coming up between the moths of July and September, and without getting much into it, we are planning to get the whole community involved in a variety of events. More on this later in a community announcement.
  • What do you think about the old pandahut team performance in P9's esports tournament?
  • We were honored to be a part of it. The PH team tried its best as far as I know, and that’s what really counts at the end of the day. We salute all other participants for their good spirit in the tournament.
  • What kind of issues are u currently facing on the servers?
  • Right now the biggest worry we have when it comes to the servers are general maintenance concerns such as planning for a server hardware upgrades, in order to have more available resources and to be ready for Unturned II.
  • What do you think about the present mod team and have you got any words about the supermods who quit this month like Needles, Yoshi, iMC, Javi, Ghostdragon and others that have left earlier this year like myself?
  • The current mod team is as good as we could ask for. With the summer vacations already here and a spike in modsits, we’ve been lucky enough to count on their help. As for our old staff members, we thank every one of them for their help, and unless you were banned, we more than welcome you to pay us a visit and get back on the servers. Many of the folks who had once left the servers have been coming back lately, and we’re happy to see that.
  • We all know that you're busy in managing PH but how often do u play PH rp as well pvp?
  • Ever since early 2016, I don’t play Unturned much at all. Whenever I get any free time, I’m always working on the servers, plugins, helping players, or doing something outside of Unturned. Most of my Unturned time over the past few years was spent on the Test Server, testing new plugin stuff as well map/mod changes and game updates.
  • Can you tell some of the glorious moments that you had as a PH founder and also as PH user?
  • As a founder, some of the glory moments PH has had in its days include, in random order:

    The first time Nelson replied to one of our emails way back in 2016

    Hitting the 1 million unique players mark in late 2017. We’re at around 1.5 million now

    Successfully merging Ragna’s RP server with PH and evolving it into what it is today

    Surviving the infamous WannaCry ransomware attacks at the start of 2017

    As a player:

    Getting to finally build a base without annoying server owners getting in the way

    Seeing the result of our plugins first-hand, knowing how much they help our staff members and players

    Getting sniped in the head/bombed/naded by Miku from 3ft away
  • Unturned 4.0 is coming soon; what are your future plans for the servers?
  • I have already touched a bit on Unturned II although for now we can only speculate on what it will be like to create modifications for it. So far we know of a few details that Nelson has made public regarding this topic. As far as transferring things over, it’s our goal to do that, although not everything will be available right away. We will build up at a steady pace. Miku and I have the Unturned II preview and it leaves us longing for a release date, even if early access. I really can’t wait to see how building will work and how Nelson will handle game and world persistence.
  • As a computer science major, how did your role help u in managing the servers?
  • I’ve been in gaming for a while and that has influenced me moreso than any previous coding knowledge I have. I think the best way to learn is to have a purpose behind the things you build, and PH gives me a reason to put in the effort to learn something new and create something cool.
  • Do u play any other games other than unturned? If so, how often do you play?
  • I’d like to say I play them frequently, although they’re some of my favourites:

    GTA V – Play as often as I can

    Shellshock Live – Usually play when we’re short on time

    Garry’s Mod (TTT, prop hunt) – Used to play all the time, but not anymore
  • As a PH founder, you would have seen a lot of members joining and leaving PH. What is your reaction to that?
  • This used to bother me early on, in all honesty. Nowadays, it’s never a happy thing, though it’s a natural part of everyday life at PH. People come and go, and we can only be grateful for their time here, be it as players or staff members. We wouldn’t have a reason to be around if it weren’t for the people that come and go.
  • As a PH founder, you got any plans to collab with big time youtubers like elitelupus and do major things because we saw him with a Youtuber role on the PH discord?
  • No solid plans as of right now. I have not spoken to elitelupus and I believe his tag was given to him by Miku after being approved. This is something to consider although we have a list of other priorities to take care of as well.
  • As a PH founder, what do you think about PH RP roles? Will you be adding any other roles in the future?

    The number of roles we have right now is fine and covers all the bases. This may be different on server #13 though, of course.
  • Speaking of PH RP, PH10 is currently overrun by bandit force and many RP players are facing some kind of disturbance in their RP experience and many have even left PH RP. What are your thoughts on that?
  • The power always shifts between Police and Bandits; there is never a perfect balance and people are always annoyed by one side having more power than the other. I don't think this time around

    it’s any different than the previous ones. New police groups will be formed and eventually it will most likely switch back over to Police being in power. That’s part of the fun in RP – to participate in this powershift struggle in your own unique way.
  • What do you do as hobby irl?
  • I try to stay sane lol. PH is a big hobby of mine and it doesn’t leave time for much else besides reading about boring stuff like physics.
  • What do you think about other major Unturned servers like Dark Twilight and what makes PH better than the rest?
  • I’m glad they’re around to help the whole Unturned community set the bar as far as server networks are concerned. We’re each a little different and we accept that. Our servers are made to cater to the largest possible audience without hurting everyone’s gaming experience in the process. We don’t really like comparisons, even if it is to tell us that we are ahead of some random network. To us, this is not a competition as much as it is working together to keep the Unturned multiplayer community alive and healthy.
  • What are your thoughts on the media production of PH servers like Sim Magazine, Golden Falcon Studio, The Eagle, PH news and comedy and much more?
  • It’s very exciting to see this kind of stuff and we encourage community-built content as much as possible, within reason. We can see that you guys put a lot of work into it, and it’s no easy feat to make these publications.
  • Which is your favorite PH server as a PH founder?
  • That’s like asking a mother to pick a favourite child. That’s a tough job, and I think if I had to pick a favourite, we wouldn’t have 18 servers. I like PH as a whole, and the RP community is a really big part of it, that’s for sure.
  • You got any words for those who wanna join the staff teams of PH?
  • Stay on top of the rules. Don’t rush your application, build a reputation before applying. You are not applying so that you can ban people at will; that’s not how it works.
  • Can u tell us what are the qualities that you are expecting from a player who applies for mod?
  • You are kind and generous and you know how to be objective and fair

    You are thick skinned and you know how to let go of personal vendettas during mod sits

    You are willing to let go of your playing experience briefly if the server needs you

    You really have a lot of spare time
  • Did you face any common problems among the mod team? Would you like to give some advice for upcoming mods as well as admins?
  • Some of the common issues we have with staff members include lack of activity, or self-serving actions especially with newer mods. These are all dealt with on an individual basis in a staff-restricted area. My advice would be the stuff I said in the two questions above.
  • As a PH founder, did u face any kind of tough situations regarding the servers?
  • Right, I mentioned the WannaCry attacks in another question. In April or May of 2017 our main machine was struck by a ransomware attack. All files on the machine were encrypted and we were locked out of them unless we paid $300-400 to some stranger via crypto currency. This was too shady for us and we ended up using one of our backups to stitch together a successful recovery. We made it through, although this was a huge challenge for us to overcome.

    About the member ranks...
  • Some people in PH rp claim there are more ranks than the ones mentioned in the website. Is that true? If so, how can one purchase those ranks and how many ranks are there altogether?
  • Some of our players have purple or pink name tags, and the reason for that is simple. Some of our ranks are very rarely purchased, and it would not be practical for us to list all ranks on the front page. You can talk to me or Miku about them, although beware that we need to limit these purchases in some cases for fraud precaution as well as to prevent huge P2W payouts.
  • What do you think about Supreme Leader?
  • He is a big noob.
  • Is he the man, the myth or the legend? XD
  • None and all 3 at the same time.
  • How did you manage to balance both professionalism and friendship on the servers?
  • Know your boundaries. Just because we have a staff tag doesn’t mean we’re above everyone else.
  • Were there any moments that you need to sacrifice because of the servers?
  • For sure! Sometimes the game would update on a Friday night, or a crisis would ensue which needed our urgent attention and we were at a birthday party or some other obligation. In these occasions we would rely on each other to be there in case the other couldn’t make it.
  • About bans, If some one with a member rank gets a perma ban, what would u do?
  • This happens quite often. They usually appeal and we decide on it. Nothing special about it.
  • Would u restore his member rank worth money or wait till he applies back?
  • I don’t understand your question. Applies back to what?
  • What do you think about slushy? We all know both of you were former friends and now it's gone and he left PH, any thoughts about him?
  • I don’t know much about him other than he has come and gone quite a few times.
  • What are your thoughts on hackers? Did you catch any hackers on PH? How exactly do you stop them?
  • We’ve caught several hackers and helped Nelson find exploits in the game as well. You can’t fully stop hackers but you can discourage them from joining your server using a combination of active staff members and smart plugins.
  • Any last words for the people reading this interview?
  • Thanks everyone for enduring Supreme’s torturous questionnaire and listening to my answers. I hope this has clarified some of what you guys may have been wondering, and sparked some newfound curiosity.
  • Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview Mushy!
  • My pleasure, thanks for having me.
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I am loving the fact that you guys are coming up with actual updates on The Eagle. Good job!
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lame interview

longer then rp rules
didn't read
Mushy is a noob
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lame interview

longer then rp rules
didn't read
Mushy is a noob
its an interview, any cutting of it would be bad, have to include whole thing also I didnt say its lame