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By candyvan
When i got banned, i tried to relog right after i got banned and i saw both of my doors in my car dealership to be open, and inside, i see all my cars destroyed, a beetle smoking an dit only has one tire, the dealership was jam packed with cars (all white) i didn't know my repeal will get accepted and so i didn't say anything about it, now i am thankfully unbanned but my cars are all gone(all civilian cars)
Cars: white beetle,white sedan, white hatchback,white dirtbike,white sports car and a white van, i was banned about 3+ weeks ao, i would like to request an admin to look into this. Sincerely yours-
By Outspace
You realize structures decay right? You cant be banned for 3 weeks plus and expect to have your base when you get back. Coulda been raided the first day. Ima lock this
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