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By Outspace
In case you don't know, in the arena servers the ranking system works the same as the other pvp servers, but points are a bit different

In the arena servers, you get 2 points per kill, thats it. You don't get points for winning at all(although you do get paid bamboo and get extra xp). I think you should get some points as it signifies that you outplayed everyone. Maybe you got some luck, but thats why it shouldnt be too much. You are winning a match, you should get points to show that you as a player won and therefore are a higher rank. Perhaps(especially to keep the evens theme) they could get 4 points for winning. This would keep it balanced and would provide a bonus to those who actually win in their rank.
By LloydJas
It seems odd at first, but I'm digging the arena points system. It's in the spirit of gladiatorship. You don't "win", you just move on to the next battle and the next duel. Endlessly.
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By MrBagelCheese
+1 gud idea