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By Eternity

Due to the recent buff for the Matamorez from one of the recent updates on Unturned, it's range and versatility is way too overpowered. You can be sitting out 250+ meters away (max range is 300) and shoot without no one hearing you due to its built-in suppressor. The Matamorez has undergone a major buff that makes the weapon way too overpowered. With the buff in range, the weapon is practically unstoppable to match and only causes toxicity. It's automatic which makes it fire repeatedly so you can simply spam it from 300 meters away which is way too overpowered. The weapon causes severe toxicity and unneeded drama. I suggest it is to be removed or the price is dramatically increased to fit its current power.
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By heATheN
Matamorez kills from 1 Headshot with No Helmet, 2 Bodyshots with No Armor. Suppressed , 300M Range, Insane Fire Rate, Raids, Cheap.
It's way more overpowered than the MK2.
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+1 tryhard gun
This is a very good idea lmao. being able to lazer someone from 250+ meters is a touch op.
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By Cookie
Its basicly a silent 15 mag full auto sniper

Perfectly balanced
+1 pls delet
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By Java
Cookie wrote:Its basicly a silent 15 mag full auto sniper

Perfectly balanced
+1 pls delet

Yes it's way overpowered,you can just laser someone 300m away and for a sniper its original mag is 15 but if you get a box it's 35 I think