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By Miku
These rules were changed. Please learn them, they are effective in game immediately. Feel free to use RP Suggestions if you think there is a flaw with these updated rules or think they should be changed again.

Rule Changes:
Multiple Spelling Issues

Changed General: Player-Built Structures Rule 7 to The maximum size for a base is 4(width) x 4(length) x 3(height) excluding pillars. to prevent confusion, as the maximum size of a base does not include pillars. Your base is confined to being 4x4x3 excluding pillars and your base can only have 3 pillars on each side (a total of 12 pillars) to support it upwards. RP Administrators may grant players with special build permits for buildings of miscellaneous purposes.

Changed Rules: Kidnapping Rule 6 to When kidnapping you MUST be face-to-face or within 15 meters of your victim! You CANNOT announce your kidnap from a distance greater then that! Failing to follow this rule is a punishable offense. This rule was changed to prevent more drama, it is nearly impossible to type out the command fully whilst still facing the person and this rule just results in unneeded drama.

Changed Rules: Moderators Rule 2 to You CAN teleport to any person or teleport any person to you that you need to talk to or deal with as long as they are not actively in a RP Situation. You can still ask them if it is fine to teleport them to you or to teleport to them, but you have the full right to teleport them without ever asking them if you need to deal with or talk to them.

Changed Rules: Robberies Rule 5 to When robbing you MUST be face-to-face or within 5 meters with the one you're robbing! You cannot be sniping from the hills and tell him to drop his stuff as the one being robbed is unaware of the robbery! Failing to follow this rule is a punishable offense. This rule was changed for the same reason as the kidnapping one. There is no way for us to track if they are face to face anyway, and this just caused unnecessary drama.

Added new rule to Rules: Hits 14. You must wait at least 2 minutes after you switch to hitman to claim a bounty, or it is Fail RP. You can still defend yourself if attacked by your pray. This rule was added to prevent players from switching roles and killing someone with a hit right next to them, giving the person with a hit on them no chance to respond.
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