Important Information regarding the servers.

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This Saturday 03.11 we will have 2 events for Halloween!

4:30PM EST on 10
6:00PM EST on 13

Rose came with the idea for the name last year, so I decided we keep it. We will have this event on both RP servers.

Sp00ky hide n' seek

The hiding on 10 will be in "Kent Raceway" while on 13 it is on the "oil rig"
The Seeker will dress out, get a weapon (melee) and try to kill everyone, last person alive wins.
(We will not be giving out lockers for people to store stuff to have minimal structures, keep your stuff safe in your own base)

1. The seeker will be an Admin chosen at the time
2. Players may NOT kill the Seeker.
3. If a person hiding runs out of designated are they will be disqualified.
4. Whoever survives the longest wins.
5. Healing is not allowed. Using food or skills is allowed.
6. You are NOT allowed to use anything that hasn't been given to you.

50000 Bamboo (50k) for the last person standing!
We will do 5 rounds on each server.

Good Luck Panda's, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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