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By Oldman AJ
Falcon Podcast Ep : 14 Dunk it Like Classi

In this Episode, Pandahut Network Admin Classi will be talking about

1) His Beginner Experience on Pandahut Server ( Unturned)

2) Favorite Server on Pandahut Network

3) His thoughts on different groups of Pandahut RP

4) His day to day stuff as an Admin

5) P13 Server, Ex-Admin Aren & and so on ........

We are glad to announce that our podcast has got distribution over Spotify
So instead of listening to a podcast in an uncomfortable way like the youtube

Click this link ( it will take u to Spotify if u got the app installed


And for those who don't have a Spotify account, you can check out this link
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By GhostDragon
Broken Post
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By Oldman AJ
Price vs Frosty

Here is the first video from Falcon MMA , a fight between frosty along with K.rome and price ( with coach JTD )

Pre Fight Meet up / interview - 0:26
Fight - 4:41
Post Fight Interview - 8:21
Behind the scenes/bloopers - 13:46
The Crew after recording lo - 15:49
Classified the magician - 16:56

I would like to thank all who watched this vid live and the ones who gonna watch this video
I m really thankful that these guys helped me out ( Jtd, Javi, Captain Price, Frosty, K.rome and Classified ) by showing up on the spot and helped me record the clips with no issues on a PVP server lol

props to Pandahut for letting me produce this content on their wonderful PVP server

This video also got behind the scenes so even if u miss the match don't miss the blooper :-)
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