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Hello there Pandas,

We've constantly been checking the feedback that you guys have giving to us in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=24637 regarding the RP Rules and after further review with our RP Administration team I am glad to display the new set of rules / modifications that we've come up with on our Roleplay Rules!

The following rules has been modified:
  • Kidnappers may NOT kill hostages, unless the hostage attempts to run away or kill the Kidnapper. Kidnappers are NOT required to feed, heal or assist their hostage whilst in their custody. If the hostage dies due to any of these said above incidents, it in NOT the kidnappers fault. If the hostage attempts to run away, you MUST follow the warning system which is specified in section VII.
  • All warnings should have a 10 seconds interval between each warning, although upon reaching your 3rd warning you must ensure that you allow an extra 10 seconds after you've given your 3rd warning before KoSing the player. Failure to do so will result in a ban depending on the severity and will be considered KoS.
  • Stolen Vehicle - You are required to follow the warning system when someone enters your vehicle in front of you (you must visibly witness said player taking your vehicle). Thus if the player enters your vehicle and starts driving away, he is instantly KoS to the vehicle owner only. If the Player has successfully stolen your vehicle and is out of your render distance, the vehicle is now considered theirs.Upon stealing a vehicle, you MUST wait 2 minutes until you are allowed to add that vehicle to your garage.
  • Mayors, Administrators, and SuperMods RP Administrators may grant players with special build permits for buildings of miscellaneous purposes.
    These special-permit buildings may not be exceedingly large. They include but are not limited to prisons, nightclubs, malls, and plazas.
  • The maximum ransom amount you may demand during a kidnap of a random player is 2,000 bamboo.The maximum ransom amount you may demand during a kidnap of a Police Captain or Mayor is 10,000 bamboo. Anything higher will be considered Fail RP and is a punishable offense. is the following:
    1. The maximum for random players is 2,000 bamboo.
    2. The maximum for Police Chief's is 4,000 bamboo.
    3. The maximum for Police Deputy's is 6,000 bamboo.
    4. The maximum for Police Captain's is 8,000 bamboo.
    5. The maximum for Mayors is 10,000 bamboo.
  • Failing an on-going police chase. This typically means that if the arrested player has left your sight for 5 minutes, then you MUST call the arrest over.

The following rules have been added:
  • Upon having a kill warrant on you, the only time you may self-defend is when a police officer has damaged you, at which point you may KoS them. Meaning, you cannot go ahead and kill every single police officer you see simply because you currently have a kill warrant on you.
  • Once a warrant has been issued and the player is told to surrender, he has up to 5 minutes to surrender at the designated area, if the time frame has expired, and he has not shown up, that then makes that player immediately KoSable by any police officer, this warning must be in the WORLD chat.
  • Upon kidnapping a player, you must always ensure that the kidnapped player remains inside an enclosed structure after transporting the player to the location.
  • Upon kidnapping a player, you MUST be within 15 meters of the base that you are kidnapping the player in.
  • Sentry rules: You cannot have any openable structure behind a direct exit to conceal a sentry gun.
  • If you found a loop-hole within the rules, you MUST report it to an RP Administrator, or create a forum post about it, failing to do so and going forward with abusing said loophole will result to severe punishments.
  • You may only set a maximum of 20 minutes jail time.
  • The minimum bail that must be given is 500 bamboo, and the officer can add an extra 100 bamboo per offense, although you MUST not exceed a bail of 2000 bamboo.
  • Robberies rules: If the robbed player has left your sight for 5 minutes then you must call your robbery over.

The following rules have been removed:
  • In case a Judge is not online at the time, the arrested player may be freed and monitored by Police/RCMP forces. The player will have a pending Court date, valid as soon as a Judge enters the server.

Small typo fixes:
  • If a robbery is done and the bandit dieds, the robbery is declared OVER. The bandit must do /robover and cannot continue robbing after they respawn.
  • May sell all items accepted by the shop at 10% to 40% of their regular the price.

And that's all for now Panda's! As you may see, some of these modifications have been requested by you guys, and after further review have been put in place with slight modifications, therefore we are greatly appreciative of all the time you guys have taken to post your feedback in the rules suggestions post! We hope these modifications have fixed up a couple of the loopholes and confusions that you guys were having whilst RP-ing and are looking forward to any further feedback that you guys have to offer!

Kind regards,
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