Important Information regarding the servers.

Moderator: RP Administrator

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By Mushy
Hey Pandas,

We have made a couple of slight changes to our RP rules, as outlined below.

The following rule has been removed:
  • The only situation when you’re allowed to KoS is if there are Staff Members online and the troll/griefer pulls a gun on you. You must follow the warning system described above.

The following rule has been changed:
  • The friendly sentry gun can ONLY be placed within a completely closed off base (inside the building), NOT facing a doorway direct exit (open or closed). This means you cannot place the friendly sentry gun anywhere else than your enclosed base. Your base MUST be non-accessible to other players except for your group members (metal door, vault door and or metal shutters / glass windows), failing to do so will result to punishments.

If you guys have any questions or concerns regarding the changes above, please contact an RP Administrator.
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