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By Rose<3
This Saturday May 12th we will have 2 events!

4:30PM EST on 10
6:00PM EST on 13

Classic old "Unicorn Hunt" on #10 and Tower Defense at West Burton Military Base #13.

Unicorn Hunt

Picture of a Unicorn!


The hunt will be all over Washington with a few rules that Unicorns and the hunters need to know.
1. Unicorns must wear clothing shown above.
2. Players may KoS the unicorn, if killing other players will result in a ban.
3. Unicorns may only hide in areas where everyone can access (No Skybases, Enclosed areas)
4. If the Unicorn TP's away from location to not get killed will result in unfair play and be tpd back.

1. 100000 Bamboo (100k) & Unicorn Tag for a week.
2. 60000 Bamboo (60k)
3. 30000 Bamboo (30k)

Tower Defense

The fight will be at West Burton Military Base, these are a few rules that you'll need to know.
There will be two teams, Red and Blue. Red team defends their base while Blue is going to be assaulting it.
1. You may not troll your team.
2. You are not allowed to build outside the arena.
3. You will be allowed to use the following two guns, Maplestrike and Blacklash.

1. 50000 Bamboo (Winning Team)(50k)
2. 25000 Bamboo (Losing Team)(25k)

Good Luck Pandas, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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