Important Information regarding the servers.

Moderator: RP Administrator

Hey Pandas,

Thanks to the feedback we're received from you guys, we have added a few fixes to our Roleplay servers that were pestering you guys in the past. The change list is brief, although with some important fixes and additions:

  • Typing /raidover will now also cancel a pending raid that you have called. This means the raid will not be announced after two minutes. - [Effective next server restart]
  • The bug in the /news command where it would show Bodyguards guarding themselves has now been fixed. - [Effective next server restart]
    • Thank you Classified and DeathExperience for letting us know about the issues above, and iMC for helping us test the fixes!
  • All Police/RCMP roles and higher have had the Canned Cola in their kits replaced with two Bottled Coffee (Water 55, Energy 75)
  • Two Bottled Coffee were added to the Chef kit
  • Two MRE were added to the Chef kit

In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

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