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By Oldman AJ
Falcon Podcast Ep : 14 Dunk it Like Classi

In this Episode, Pandahut Network Admin Classi will be talking about

1) His Beginner Experience on Pandahut Server ( Unturned)

2) Favorite Server on Pandahut Network

3) His thoughts on different groups of Pandahut RP

4) His day to day stuff as an Admin

5) P13 Server, Ex-Admin Aren & and so on ........

We are glad to announce that our podcast has got distribution over Spotify
So instead of listening to a podcast in an uncomfortable way like the youtube

Click this link ( it will take u to Spotify if u got the app installed


And for those who don't have a Spotify account, you can check out this link
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By GhostDragon
Broken Post
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By Oldman AJ
Price vs Frosty

Here is the first video from Falcon MMA , a fight between frosty along with K.rome and price ( with coach JTD )

Pre Fight Meet up / interview - 0:26
Fight - 4:41
Post Fight Interview - 8:21
Behind the scenes/bloopers - 13:46
The Crew after recording lo - 15:49
Classified the magician - 16:56

I would like to thank all who watched this vid live and the ones who gonna watch this video
I m really thankful that these guys helped me out ( Jtd, Javi, Captain Price, Frosty, K.rome and Classified ) by showing up on the spot and helped me record the clips with no issues on a PVP server lol

props to Pandahut for letting me produce this content on their wonderful PVP server

This video also got behind the scenes so even if u miss the match don't miss the blooper :-)
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By Oldman AJ
Jame's Farm

James_Games is a new RP player of p10 as he started his own farm business called " Rancho James and Co" ,
where he sells fresh vegetables and wheat to citizens of Washington and it is one the current business that is approved by Mayor Quavo.

if the video link doesn't work, click this link to see it -
or this one

In this video, He talks about how his business got started, How he sells his products, his future plan as a family business owner and much more ( Farm tour )

I would like to thank Pandahut RP team on taking necessary steps to improve RP
There are still some raids and kidnapping going around the town

Let's hope that the police teams would get stronger and active so that we would have a safe map for both roleplayers and small-time business owners

And if you are a bandit / kidnapper reading this post . Avoid raiding shops as much as you can
especially the shops/businesses created by non ranked players or fresh rpers
so that it would improve RP in general and reduces toxicity in the server
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