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By Bagel
Hey guys idk if anyone remembers me this is the original bagel. rank 37 on the kit pvp leader board, fellow crossbow bush wookie, and pretty much friends with everyone on any pvp servers. I would just like to come back but my main forum account was banned due to "toxic behavior" but the real reason it was banned is because I would make a ban appeal every 2 weeks and whoever was doing ban appeal just banned me because of that. There is never a time I was toxic in game or on the forums. However my ban for everything was just due to being an ass to Aren. I completely apologize for this and I would just like to be apart of the community again. Some people don't get the luxury of second chances but I have been banned for 9 months so I feel like that's a good enough time to be banned right?

+1 if u agree
-1 If u disagree
Don't do any of those and just have a conversation with me if u don't care
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By Burnt
You deny any “toxic behavior”

Yet, you publicized a meme to mock/laugh at Aren and compare him to Hardium.

You then got your PvP staff app declined and threw a fit Bc you had to “wait 2-3 months just for it to be declined”

You had a rage in the p9 tournament team group chat on discord as well.

Your appeals were never good, you’ve never accepted what you did as wrong, and yet 8 months later you still refuse to accept what you did as wrong. That’s a bad habit I guess. Simply put here is one of your old appeals, which was declined, compared to an appeal that was accepted. Can you tell the difference? I sure can. Your reputation doesn’t give you special privileges. ... el#p158996

I think it’s fair you remain banned, since you can’t seem to sense what you actually did and actually apologize for it.

Have you even tried talking to Aren since you tried to make him a laughing stock?

Here’s a refresher for you ... 34#p162734
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By GrandpaHoovie
why silenced by pandahut? by what im reading you think its others
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By Aren
You were banned because you were disrespectful, toxic and never accepted anything you did wrong. You would spam appeals that were made in all of 11 seconds if not less and just clogged the entire process up with them.

You were specifically told by Miku to stop your behavior if you wish to stay on pandahut. You decided to push your luck the moment you got unbanned and for that you are banned indefinitely with no chance of being accepted back into our community at this time. Your forum account was banned due to your behavior in game, on discord, and your need to half ass appeals, clog the appealing process forum, and overall your entire attitude.

You were even told in every single appeal you are not allowed to appeal yet you continued. You also LIED in appeals saying “I tried to be friendly to Aren” which then I broke down your entire appeal and showed with proof your true colors.

I highly recommend you review this appeal ... 34#p162734 and figure out just who you truly are.

You also so badly want to be unbanned you create another alt account thus breaking MORE of of our rules of “do not use an alt to avoid a ban”. You then don’t even accept what you did wrong.
Why would you say you enjoy something so much, but on final warning throw it away? This doesn’t make sense.


This thread is now locked. Enjoy your day and hopefully you figure out what you did wrong and correct it for when you find a new server to play on.

Helpful hint: maliciously targeting staff and players is a ban on all unturned servers, not just ours.