Important Information regarding the servers.
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By Miku
  • General Rules Reformatting
  • Clarifying rules slightly (i.e needing to have an under construction sign for your base if applicable)
  • Rules Changed, Removed or Added
    • Added People not involved in the rescue or kidnapping rp events cannot intervene (i.e No blowtorching walls or destroying police charges just if you own the base but aren't kidnapping.)
    • The rule about not using Metal Plates is not as strict as well as everyone can now buy glass. The price of windows and glass has also been lowered.
    • Added: If your base is built entirely under the floor and/or the top appears raided and it is wrecked by an admin, you will not be refunded.
    • Added More CEO Rules to Dropdown
      1. CEOs may not put claim flags in anything other than their base and shop (maximum of 2 claim flags). If caught having more than two claim flags, as a CEO the entire base may be wiped with no warning.
      2. CEOs may only have TWO claim flags on the map at one time, and their claim flag may not overlap another base. If it overlaps another base the claim flag MAY be removed by an administrator with no warning.
      3. CEOs can have a maximum of 3 bases. 2 stated in the rules and 1 extra.
    • Kill Warrants have been changed to Normal Warrants (Arrest Warrants). As soon as the RP Servers are next restarted this change will be implemented.
    • if a player stealy wheelies a vehicle, he is instantly KoS to the Owner(s). If the player has successfully stolen your vehicle and is out of your render distance, the vehicle is now considered theirs. If the player successfully steals the vehicle, they MUST wait 2 minutes until they can add that vehicle to a garage.
    • Removed Harassment/trolling warning system - This is covered under normal harassment, if a player is harassing you, contact a moderator via /adminh or #rp_support on discord.
    • Upon kidnapping a player, you MUST always ensure that the kidnapped player remains inside an enclosed structure after transporting the player to the location.
    • Arrests and Robberies can now be done up to 15 meters away.
    • Max Jailing time is 10 minutes from 20 minutes, and Judges can now take any case.
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