Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Classified_
Hello fellow panda's, today I've managed to find a house where I can settle in. I've also managed to fix my work schedule so I can come back and be more active here on Pandahut! To celebrate this I will be giving away

1x MVP+
5x VIP's

All you need to do is fill the following form:

InGame name:
RP Hours:
Steam64ID and Discord name + #
Where you are from:
Favorite food:

Giveaway ends when:

A) I feel enough people have entered
B) 2.5 weeks have passed.

Good luck everyone, much love from me!
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By Cookie
InGame name: Miku but Cooler/Cookie
RP Hours: 743 hours
Where you are from: bulgaria
Favorite food: id have to say spagheti
Steam64ID and Discord name + # 76561198305320330 Cookie#9079
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By Apples
InGame name: Apples
RP Hours: 1000
Steam64ID and Discord name: pick a random participant to give it to
Where you are from: Norway
Favorite food: Røkt Laks
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By Caladius
In-Game name: Caladius
RP Hours: I don't know like 100+? not even sure at this point.
Steam64ID and Discord name + # 76561198105355330, Caladius#6371
Where you are from: Sweden.
Favorite food: Ikea meatballs.
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Hi Grandpa Classi :)
InGame name: Pablo Escobar
RP Hours: about 2k+
Steam64ID and Discord name + #::::: Pablo Escobar#8885 steamid:::: 76561198145538962
Where you are from: Denmark, we love norwegians :)
Favorite food: Beef rump from d'angleterre
InGame name: GrandpaScrub
RP Hours:310ish
Steam64ID and Discord name + # Grandpahoovie#5584, 76561198915572556
Where you are from:the US, California
Favorite food: hmm, instant ramen
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By Outspace
InGame name: Outspace
RP Hours: Over 1000
Steam64ID and Discord name: Outspace#0263 and 76561198273162335
Where you are from: Born in Oklahoma, raised in Vermont, live in Canada
Favorite food: Probably ice cream. Specifically I LOVE :heartfulpanda: maple pecan ice cream.
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InGame name: JTD
RP Hours: 619 rn
Steam64ID: 76561198432345841
Discord name: JTD#6592
Where you are from: Philippines
Favorite food: Pizza
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