Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By UDontKnow
Hjello, everyone! Today I've decided that I want to giveaway 180k bamboo! more exact: 181097. which is an extra 1097 bamboo! Easy money.

The requirements to join the giveaway is to fill out the sheet below:

-IG name: UDontKnow
-ID64: 76561198824017040
-Favorite (PH)RP server: 13
-Favorite drink: MTN DEW boiiiiii
-Favorite food: spaggeht
-Why should you be chosen? because im poor and im smart i got a f isnt that a good grade cus my friend told me f is for fantistic so im fantistic too i guess? this was a common sense test. i got an A+ on pandahut quiz but idk if that good
also my age is classified. ha get it classified. u better be laughing or I'm gonna place a hit on u for a hitman (on unturned)

//Ends 17th of May!//
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By MattCobra
-IG name: Matt
-Favorite (PH)RP server: both
-Favorite drink: Zucc Juice
-Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs
-Why should you be chosen? I'm your son and I'll give you one dollar on paypal if I win
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By Dani Omerovic
-IG name: Jack
-ID64: 76561197960287930
-Favorite (PH)RP server: Both
-Favorite drink: Sprite
-Favorite food: Pizza
-Why should you be chosen? Because im poor and im your uncle.
By Chooi Kok
-IG name: Chooi Kok
-ID64: 76561198200345285
-Favorite (PH)RP server: 13
-Favorite drink: Kool Aid
-Favorite food: Watermelon/Fried Chicken (i can't decide lol)
-Why should you be chosen? I should be chosen cuz I'm pretty darn cool. Also, becuz I like pickles.
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By Duke0FLettuce
-IG name: DukeOfLettuce
-ID64: you have it
-Favorite (PH)RP server: #13
-Favorite drink: Trial Moderator Blood
-Favorite food: Administrator Meat
-Why should you be chosen?
I will throw a fit if I am not chosen
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By Yoseph
IG name: Yoseph
ID64: 76561198141213178
Favorite (PH)RP server:13
Favorite drink: Chocolate Milk
Favorite food: Pizza/Wings
Why should you be chosen? Thats a great question that I dont have an answer for, but there is an answer somewhere out there.
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By A-A-Aron
-IG name: A-A-Aron
-ID64: 76561198072542791
-Favorite (PH)RP server: 13
-Favorite drink: Tears
-Favorite food: A rice krispie bar made out of dry ramen noodles
-Why should you be chosen? I should be chosen because I have bad luck. By entering this giveaway I stand to worsen my luck.
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By Mellon
-IG name: Mellon
-ID64: 76561198132938546
-Favorite (PH)RP server: 10
-Favorite drink: That sweet sweet pickle juice
-Favorite food: Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder, hmmm, this is a hard one..... I think, ahh yes, corn......... (melon)
-Why should you be chosen? 180k can refund alot of people, think of all the good I can you, but that aside, im better then tastymelon 100% totally, so yea, that makes me the best person for this
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By Classified_