Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
Hello guys, this is a follow up for my 200k giveaway for my 1-year anniversary as staff on PandaHut.

All you got to do is to fill in the list below:

InGame name:
Favorite RP server and why:
Favorite food:

The winner will be chosen next Wednesday, February 21st.

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InGame name: Matt
Steam64ID: 76561198312729640
Favorite RP server and why: I don't have one, I love both equally. I'm mayor on one server and the leader of the Mafia yesterday though
Favorite food: Five Guys Double Bacon Cheese burgers
InGame name: NeedlessMemeing
Steam64ID: 76561198110021934
Favorite RP server and why: That's a hard one, because I have so many memories on both. 10 was the one I started on, with Matt, when we were just noob cops and 13 was the one we moved to for our police work. I still don't know how we held onto the Charlottetown Police Station for so long.
Favorite food: Uhhh, the rotting dead corpses of the emus that had killed my comrades in the Great Emu War, the most brutal war of them all.
Ingame name-Ze Golden Pug
Steam64id- 76561198157218382
My favorite server?- all the since I got to be on both and they are Gucci servers 👌🏼
Favorite food-Dog treats and chicken 🐶🐔
InGame name: Abstract Shadow
Steam64ID: 76561198110721803
Favorite RP server and why: 13 because it's more compact so it's more likely to have RP in one place.
Favorite food: spaghet. nobody toucha my spaghet or they die
InGame name: Wolfe Clancy (better than skelle)
Steam64ID: I've put this like 50 times and you can find it
Favorite RP server and why: The one server
Favorite food: Food
InGame name: T-Moist
Steam64ID: 76561198346359181
Whats your favorite RP Server?: Elitelupus roleplay ofc WOOT WOOT
Favorite food: If it'll give me type two it's all good
InGame name: Aren
Favorite RP server and why: 10 because of the lag spikes and the randomness of the community.
Favorite food: Chicken pasta with garlic salt seasoning and Zest Italian Seasoning as well