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By Voxil
IGN: Killer Clown
Demotion Reasons:
-Explosives Under the rank of Captain
-Section 2 of Voxi's current laws 2.9
-Will be removed of Deputy and chief rank, Current role will be MVP RCMP officer
I understand he may have had explosives, but since Killerclown is an excellent cop, and it's only 2 explosives, which isn't that major, I will drop him off with a warning. I will change the law as to not make any more incidents like this one.
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By Shinobi
IGN: [SWAT Leader] Meme Overlord
Demotion Reasons:
Section 2: Excessive punishment of an individual whose crimes do not suggest the assigned punishment;
Unprofessionalism and murder of an innocent person.
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By GhostDragon
IGN: (gang member( arneman60
Demotion Reasons:
- carrying 3 unlicensed weapons
-carrying glue
-not follow orders from higher-ups
-not assisting in the many arrests that happened

Demoted by: Captain GhostDragon
Ingame role removed: not yet, player logged.
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By GhostDragon
Player name: PVP
Demotion reasons
-Carrying illicit substances - berrys (without trashing or reason)
-Sale of illicit substances
Demoted by: Captain GhostDragon
Role removed: Player logged when i went on duty to remove role
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By GhostDragon
Players IGN: Austin
Reason for demotion:
-Disobeying higherups orders
-Refusal to wear uniform
Demoted by: Captain GhostDragon
Role removed: Yes
By GhostDragon
Player IGN: JTD/LIKEman
Reasons for demotion
-False arrest
-Abuse of power
-Arresting without reason (linked to the false arrest)
Demoted by: Captain GhostDragon
Role Removed: No. After arguing with me he logged.
Server 10
By GhostDragon
Players IGN: JTDyt
Reasons for demotion:
-Multiple unlicensed weapons
-Possession of an illicit and illegal substance without the intent of /trash ing
-Was recently demoted and has continued to show a lack of experience/competance as a police officer
Demoted by: Captain and Judge GhostDragon
Role removed: yes.
By GhostDragon
god. this hurts

Players IGN: Tatsuya/Javi
Reasons for demotion
-Changed to kidnapper
-Multiple unlicensed guns
-was arrested, and resisted arrest - attempted to take an officers life
Demoted by: Judge and Captain GhostDragon
Role removed: Yes.
By GhostDragon
Players IGN: Jinx
Reasons for demotion
By GhostDragon
players IGN: Sylvestre
Reasons for demotion
-Farming of berrys
-Intent to sell berrys
Demoted by: Mayor GhostDragon
Role removed: yes