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By MrDeeTee
I have a question about my ban appeal. I am not entirely sure what "did a big no no" means, could you please explain this to me since I seriously don't understand what you mean by this?
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By Aren
You were declined on the decision of classified and I.

Abusing your mod perms and then coming back and asking to rejoin is not cool.

Banning people you don't like / your friends and then banning yourself? Not to mention banning STAFF members and KICKING them? That is a big big no no.
Had you just resigned and left would of been fine and you would not be in this problem.

Code: Select all[BMC] MrDeeTee /ban 76561198204248727 "noob dog" Server The player noob dog was banned for: noob dog [BMC] MrDeeTee /kick nosoul "no u" Server The player NoSoul was kicked for: no u [BMC] MrDeeTee /ban nosoul "has no soul" 10 Server The player NoSoul was banned for: has no soul [BMC] MrDeeTee /ban MrDeeTee "Being a naughty boi (abusive) | Permanent |"
You may not reappeal at this time.