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By Dragon
Since i was unbanned i've been on Pandahuts Unturnov server located on Pandahut #12, as per usual i woke up and went through my daily routine, this being the case i was about 3 cups of coffee deep with enough boredom to contemplate reading all the harry potter books in a single sitting. Instead of doing that i ended up with this.

Simply put, this is a chart of every weapon stat (that matters) for EVERY Unturnov weapon featured on PH#12

I'm aware that the VAST majority of players really dont care about exact details on the weapons in a free to play survival game, and usually only use the meta weapons anyways. So, for those of you who always want a little extra edge, or like to know what it is that makes that widow-maker of an AS VAL so powerful, and if there are any others like it, my caffeine high might have just got the thing for you.

So without further talking heres the View-Only link (Unturnov Weapons)
And for the ones who are too scared to click hyperlinks heres the virus total result Image (Lightshot doesnt work with [img] :cc)