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By UDontKnow
Hello and welcome to my guide on building a good base that you don't want raided/is hard to raid.
If you want to build a base that will last a long time, here are a few tips

  • 1. Don't make ur base out in public. Don't put it in the main cities where everybody goes. Put it in more of a place like on hills where the normal player doesn't go to.

    2. Don't put key highlights on your base. Make it look nooby. Most people don't want to raid bases that have shitty structure and just looks overall poorly built

    3. Sometimes making a base isn't always the way to go. Put locker/storage underwater and places like on top of trees where nobody can see.

    4. Put it next to dangerous locations where people don't go. Dead zones are a good example.

    5. If you are making 3x3s or anything bigger, you can put one of your floors as a roof so you can hide storage under it.

    6. Sometimes, a small base works. If you only need lockers and a place to do /home at then just put a locker in every nook and cranny of your base. People don't want to raid typically small bases

    7. Sometimes, make it in houses' rooms, just like one room. Not in main cities though. It makes it look like there isn't much loot.

    8. Don't make bases out of metal. Most players can get through it as easily as any other wood. Plus it makes your base look more trash so people won't raid

    9. If it is a clan base, don't keep much loot in it. Put it in other bases of the site. If the base is raided, all your hard-earned loot is gone.

    10. Don't place your name all over other bases when you raid. It will just make them want to do the same for you.

    11. If someone does raid your base and you are online, hide behind things and make it as hard as you can to make it so they cant get to the lockers. Once they do it's over

    12. Try to make your base invisible. If in a dark location like in a cave or somewhere dark, put metal plates around the entrance so nobody can see your base. You can also put it behind hills. That works the best.

That's my guide on building a base. I will most likely add on to it but I just can't think of much at the moment.