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By Classified_
Unicorn Hunt

The unicorn may only hide out in the open, they will be dressed in fully red clothing, he may be shot on sight, but not shoot back! (picture bottom of the page).

1. Unicorn may not TP/use commands during the event.
2. Players may NOT kill other hunters or random people
3. Unicorn may NOT be inside Seattle.
4. If the Unicorn lives longer than 35 minutes, he/she wins. After 15 minutes we will start giving 2-3 hints, at 25 minutes we will give 2-3 hints, the last few minutes we will give hints non-stop.
5. The unicorn must ONLY sit in visible areas, no TP, building or glitching!
6. The Unicorns are NOT allowed to use anything that hasn't been given to them.
Winner is whoever kills the unicorn first!
The winner will receive 50.000 bamboo!
We will do 5 rounds, depending how many joins.

Good Luck Panda's, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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