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By Miku
Hello Pandas,

Today the RP Rules have been updated with the following changes:
(+) General Resign and reformatting of commands
(+) Police Deputy can give search warrants and police raid.
(+) If police also own a base in anyway being raided, they cannot come back after death
(+) Once the raid command is executed, no salvaging of the base is allowed by anyone.
(+) Kidnappers can KOS anyone who enters the kidnapping base as long as the base was fully closed at the start of the RP Event as long as they do not bait them in anyway.
(+) Warnings for leaving base reset after 5 minutes
(+) Police Officers can only arrest people for the same thing after 10 minutes have passed
(+) Entirely New Bodyguard rules:
  • (+) May ONLY protect their client in situations where their client may also defend themselves. Example: (If protecting a bandit, you may only fire once the bandit is fired at)
    (+) Bodyguards can defend their client in any situation that their client can also defend themselves in. However, in RP Events that the client has elected to put himself in such as robbing or raiding, the bodyguard must join the event as well.
    (+) The bodyguard can be KOSed in any situation where the client can also be KOSed.
    (+) Bodyguards can KOS the killer of their client for up to a minute after the event has ended OR as long as they maintain line of sight with the killer.

(-) Bodyguards must remain next to their client at all times. This is to prevent bodyguards from protecting their clients from the other side of the map, which would be considered RP.
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