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By Classified_
Hello everyone!
On the 9th of this month, we will host a JetFight!

The time for event is around 3.30 PM EST.
Jet Fight

You're in the sky in a jet fighting other players, last man in their jet wins.

1. You may not leave your jet unless refuel or get more ammo (abusing this will get you disqualified!)
2. You may not leave to take someone else's jet.
3. Going out of the designated zone will disqualify you! You will be kicked out of the jet, and TP'ed back.
4. Trolling or placing items on the event zone = warning, if doing so repeatedly you will be banned for trolling.
The winner receives 50000 bamboos.
We will have 5 rounds.

Good Luck Pandas, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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By Classified_
The event will start at 3 PM instead (30 minutes earlier from stated time) and we will have 3 rounds.
If we do it like that ^. we will host another event next week.

The reasoning is that we might not have admins able to cover the entire event and I have to leave for the hospital.

Hope you understand, cheers.