Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

We have made some fixes and changes to the Forums and our servers, which are outlined below.

  • As some of you may have noticed, the Forums stopped displaying links and images on posts for a little while. This has now been fixed.
    • [ url ] BBCode is working again
    • [ img ] BBCode is working again
    • [ spoiler ] BBCode is working again
    • Youtube links are now automatically embedded to forum posts, without the need for the [ youtube ] tag

All Unturned Servers
  • Vehicles that you purchase from the shop now spawn in locked
  • We have added a command to transfer ownership of your vehicle
    • Simply type /transfervehicle playername while aiming at your vehicle in order to have it transferred to the specified player in a locked state.
    • This is especially useful when selling vehicles to other players on servers such as RP and PvP.
  • The /kits command now returns a nicely formatted message, along with color-coding for kits which are on cooldown.
  • Line-breaks will now also be prevented when displaying your /kits list
    • Image
  • Misc. Optimizations
  • A big thank-you to Miku for working on these changes :heartfulpanda:

Server Map Changes - PvP
  • Russia PvP #5 has been changed to France PvP
  • Washington PvP #6 has been changed to Russia PvP
  • Germany PvP #7 has been changed to Washington PvP

Server Map Changes - Semi-Vanilla
  • California PvP #1 has been changed to Semi-Vanilla Easter Island
    • Name: Pandahut #1 [Semi-Vanilla] [10x] [Modded]
    • IP:
    • Port: 27015
    • Map: Easter Island
    • Style: Semi-Vanilla [10x Loot | No Bulletdrop | Feast | Airdrop | TPA/Home | Old School ]
    • Image

  • Deathmatch Dango #2 was changed to Semi-Vanilla Yukon
    • Name: Pandahut #2 [EU][Semi-Vanilla] [10x] [Old School] 
    • IP:
    • Port: 27015
    • Map: Yukon
    • Style: Semi-Vanilla [10x Loot | No Bulletdrop | Feast | Airdrop | TPA/Home | Old School ]
    • Image

  • Check out our Servers Page for a complete list of our servers.

As always, if you have any issues with the above changes, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :hystericalpanda: