Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Miku
Hello Pandas,

This Friday, the 6th at around 4-5PM EST:
Pandahut #1 [Normal] will switch from Californa to PEI
Pandahut #7 [Normal] will switch from Germany to Washington

All Servers
  • You can do /balancelog (/blog, /history) to see a short history of people you have paid and people who have paid you on that specific server.
  • You can do /ignore <playername> to ignore people, and the same command again to unignore them. You can also do /disablechat <local or world>. Neither of these work on RP due to how chat-based it is.
  • You can do /blocktpa <playername> and /tpa mode <All, Group, None> to help deal with annoying players.
All Servers excluding RP
  • PvP Moderators now have access to logs for most servers and can better deal with chat reports and alike.
  • There is now sellbox on every server but RP! You can just do /sell <no parameters> or /sellbox to access it. This is just a small vault-like storage container that will sell anything you put into it. If it can't be sold, it'll just be dropped on the ground. This has been made small to try to curb abuse of it and people trying to rapidly sell in combat.
  • The warnings system has been revamped. Warnings now last for 2 days but are stored forever. There will be a Discord Command made to accompany this in the future.
  • There will be a persistent mute system put in place across all servers. Mutes will be separated into RP Mutes and PVP Mutes and can go up to infinity in length
  • There will be improvements to groups and the way they are stored to allow for more security, performance improvements and more possibilities
  • Christmas-related Events and commands!
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