Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

Over the past two weeks we have introduced some exciting changes for all of you to enjoy. You can find the full list of changes below.

Server Upgrade - Re-Favorite!
  • A reminder to everyone to re-favorite our servers in-game, as many of you can no longer access them via your favorites list. This was due to a recent hardware upgrade we performed on our server machines. You may need to look for our servers again in the Unturned server browser or connect via our Servers Page and re-add them to your favorites.
Tweaks & Performance Updates
  • [PvP Servers]
  • We have expanded our new and improved chat system (previously exclusive to RP) to all of our other servers. This update adds lots of awesome new features designed for better readability and performance gains.

    [All Servers]
  • You can now use the following commands with TPA:
    • /blocktpa playername - Blocks the specified player from sending you TPA requests.
    • /tpa mode All, Group, None
      • /tpa mode group only allows group members to send you TPA requests.
      • /tpa mode all allows all players to send you TPA requests.
      • /tpa mode none blocks all incoming TPA requests.
    • The server will alert you if you receive a TPA request from someone who shares their name with someone else on the server.
  • When doing /kits, it will now show [CD] in next to any of your kits that are on cooldown. Ex. Kits: food, health, bandit[CD]
    • Note: Not all kits support this yet, but it works for most of the basic ones for now.
  • Lots of performance updates and bug fixes on all our servers, as well as hardware upgrades to our server machines.
  • Tons of smaller, minor changes.
  • A huge thank you to Miku for working extra hard on these changes! :heartfulpanda:
RP Servers
  • Rule Change: Claim flags should NOT be used to claim any area located at, above, or below the map's pre-fab structures. This includes the diner, hospital, library, and other buildings that come with the map.
    • You can read our RP rules on our RP Page.
  • Staff Changes: Classified is now in charge of RP as its sole Head Admin. A few more staff changes are expected as we restructure RP staff positions.
  • RP Shop and Standings pages underwent performance updates and are now back up.
European Servers
  • We have expanded the PH network to Europe, and we're kicking this off by introducing some of our most popular gametypes to our EU playerbase. We will continue hosting 18 Unturned servers for now, although we plan on adding more as needed. Server details can be found below, or by visiting our Servers Page. Our EU servers are located in Lille, France.
    • Dango Deathmatch Server #2 Connection Information
      • Name: Pandahut#2 [EU] [Dango] [Dedicated] [+Loot]
      • IP:
      • Port: 27015
      • Map: Dango
      • Style: Deathmatch - New weapons, Max Skills, Instant Respawns, Mystery boxes, and more!
    • Semi-Vanilla Server #8 Connection Information
      • Name: Pandahut #8 [EU][Semi-Vanilla] [10x] [Old School]
      • IP:
      • Port: 27015
      • Map: PEI
      • Style: Semi-Vanilla - No Bulletdrop|Feast|Airdrop|TPA/Home
    • Escape from Unturnov Server #14 Connection Information
      • Name: Pandahut #14 [EU][Escape from Unturnov][120 Ticks]
      • IP:
      • Port: 27015
      • Map: Unturnov
      • Style: Escape from Unturnov - New | Hardcore | First Person | 48 Slots!
    • France KitPvP/OPKits Server #15 Connection Information
      • Name: Pandahut #15 [EU][KitPvP/OPKits|Economy|Dedicated]
      • IP:
      • Port: 27015
      • Map: France
      • Style: KitPvP/OPKits - Feasts, Vaults, Skill Ranks, Hitman, Economy, Shop, Home, TPA, Kits!
    • France KitPvP/OPKits Server #17 Connection Information
      • Name: Pandahut #17 [EU][KitPvP/OPKits|Economy|Dedicated]
      • IP:
      • Port: 27015
      • Map: PEI
      • Style: KitPvP/OPKits - Feasts, Vaults, Skill Ranks, Hitman, Economy, Shop, Home, TPA, Kits!
  • Unfortunately, our website ran into a File System issue last night and we were forced to restore from a backup. Some posts were lost in the process, and we greatly apologize for the inconvenience. We have doubled down on the frequency and reliability of our backups to ensure that this does not happen again.
In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :party:
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