Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

As we head into the start of Spring 2019, we have been busy preparing Pandahut for what we hope to be an exciting year for the Unturned franchise. Over the past couple of weeks we have gone over your feedback and performed several fixes and additions to our Unturned servers and Discord. The full change list can be found below.

All Servers & Discord

  • Added the Spec Ops Helmet - ID 1525 to all servers - The Spec Ops Helmet was released in the last Unturned update earlier this week and is meant to go with the rest of the Spec Ops gear
    • The Spec Ops Helmet offers 15% armor, as with all other military helmets in Unturned
  • Added a Discord linking system to all of our Unturned servers! This allows you to automatically receive your supporter rank on the PH Discord, and to use our custom Discord commands without providing your SteamID64.
    The following Discord commands are available as of this writing:

    • !pvpbans - Displays all PVP Bans (Bans for any server but RP)
    • !10bans - Displays Server #10 Bans
    • !13bans - Displays Server #13 bans
    • !rpbans - Displays both Server #10 and #13 bans
    • !bans - Displays all your bans
    • !pvpamt - Displays the number of PvP/KitPvP bans you have, if any
    • !10amt - Displays number of Server #10 bans
    • !13amt - Displays number of Server #13 bans
    • !rpamt - Displays number of total RP bans
    • !banamt or !amt - Displays your total bans across all servers
    • !pvptime - Displays total time played on all servers except RP
    • !rptime - Displays total time played on RP
    • !kitpvp or !rank - Displays total KitPvP points
    • !steamid64 or !id64 - Displays your SteamID64
    • !link <Verification Code> - Allows you to link your Discord account with your in-game account/Steam profile. Type /link in-game to get the code.
    • !unlink - Unlinks your Discord account from your game account/Steam profile. Can also be done in-game using /unlink
    • !help - Displays all available Discord commands
  • In order to link your Discord account with our game servers, simply hop on any PH server and type /link
    • A temporary, 5-digit verification code will be generated and displayed in chat, along with instructions on what to do next
    • Go on the Pandahut Discord and type !link <Verification Code>
  • A big thank-you goes out to Miku for the amazing work in integrating our Unturned servers with Discord! :heartfulpanda:
RP Servers
  • Added a search feature to the RP Shop page, as well as item/vehicle prices and search filters. You can also browse the RP shop using the simplified category view
    • Added the Spec Ops Helmet - ID 1525 to the RP Shop page
  • Fixed a bug with assisting in events which caused unpredictable plugin behavior upon trying to transfer event leadership
  • Fixed a bug where arrests, rescues and robbery assists would remain active after the victim died
  • Extended the Garage/Marina region in Seattle on RP #10
  • Added a new airport at Kent Raceway on RP #10
  • Fixed all issues with the warnings plugin, which should be fully working again :party:
    • The /warnings <player> command has been fixed
    • Fixed issues with expired player warnings - They are now automatically cleaned up after 7 days

All servers have been restarted and the changes listed above are already in effect. In case you run into any issues with them, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

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