Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

As you may have already noticed, Nelson pushed a very exciting Unturned update earlier today. Today's update is jam-packed with
game fixes, improvements and additions. In addition to a new map, we also now have support for battery-operated vehicles and gun-jamming. Several map and structure glitching exploits should also be fixed. To read more details about all today's game update, please check out Nelson's full update post here.

New Arena Map!
  • We are happy to announce that Server #11, is now running the brand new Arena map - Canyon Arena!
    • Server #11's map was changed from PEI Arena. You can still play PEI Arena on Server #8.
    • You can find our updated server list by clicking here.
  • Canyon Arena Gameplay Footage: Click Here to watch.

Further update Notes:
  • Added Canyon Arena map.
  • Added support for guns jamming. More details below.
  • Added support for battery-only vehicles. [Battery_Powered flag]
  • Added config options to disable individual UI elements. See Destruction map for an example.
  • Added ability for serverside plugins to set visibility of UI elements. [sendUIEffectVisibility]
  • Added ability for serverside plugins to assign workzone and spectator overlay permissions.

  • Improved vehicle exit logic to fallback to a safe spawnpoint when the vehicle's doors and roof are obstructed, rather than trying to find a nearby empty location which was often abused to teleport through walls.
  • Improved cosmetics/skins menu to show how many crafting materials you get from scrapping an item.

  • Tweaked Matamorez scoped recoil to require more skill hitting repeated shots.
  • Renamed "Can" to "Metal Can" to make it easier to search for.
  • Tweaked plate glass to be unsalvageable.

  • Fixed majority of physics-overlap-pushing-player issues.
  • Fixed loading multiple root *.content files with the same name.
  • Fixed handling unexpected number of terrain textures when loading.
  • Fixed an edge case when writing large savedata files.
  • Fixed loading options file after disabling gold upgrade.
  • Fixed a few cases where ammo was not deleted during crafting.
  • Fixed accessing storage after being teleported away.
  • Fixed Ace bullets not aligned with barrel.
  • Fixed small number of France objects using incorrect shaders.
  • Fixed incorrect anti-aliasing in menu inspect camera.
  • Fixed devkit viewport in forward rendering mode.
  • Fixed minor details on RULA Maplestrike and Mime's Knife.
  • Fixed reassociating barricades mounted to vehicles after vehicle asset is deleted.

Gun Jamming:
  • Gun assets can include the "Can_Ever_Jam" flag to enable jamming. Guns start to have a chance of jamming once their quality % drops below "Jam_Quality_Threshold" which is a value between zero and one. Once they reach 0% quality they will have a "Jam_Max_Chance" chance of jamming on each shot. Chances of jamming are blended between 0% and "Jam_Max_Chance" based on the gun's quality percentage. The "ChamberJammed" AudioClip is played when a jam occurs, as well as the animation "UnjamChamber" if present. Cobra_Jam [1521] is included as an example.

We are still exploring how the additions above, such as gun-jamming and battery-operated vehicles could make their way into our servers, particularly our Roleplay servers. Stay tuned for an update on this.

All servers have already been restarted and the changes listed above are already in effect. If you have any issues with them, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :party:
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