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pvt amar wrote:
NeedlessMemeing wrote:
pvt amar wrote:you talked about yourself being so great, strong and experienced but dis not talk about the great people of pei.
we refuse a police state and will not trust what you say. Police are important but not to the point where you said your only funding police in you manifesto and app.

You clearly only read the words you want to see and block the others out. I stated I'd fund building and police in my app, and I've extended it to businesses here. You cry about a police state when my manifesto says that I'm making laws less strict. Please, before shitting out a response take the time to read.

LMAOO have a look to that nice image of you (will implement tougher laws) what a self contradictory manifesto, keep it up

It's an older pic, and 'tougher' for criminals, not for civilians.
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By Chooi Kok
Your application looks like you actually put effort into it (compared to Amar) and I am impressed. Also, what you want to do for 13 seems like the best course of action. Good luck and I look forward to working with you in the future.