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By zman#2644
Good morning Pandas,
I have interviewed Outspace as well as Duke, who are the two main front runners in the upcoming election. I shall first be posting the interview of Outspace.
Overview of interview:
When first present with a list of questions from myself, Outspace attacked the media and accused the Golden Falcon Studios of being ‘very in favour of duke’ and called the questions asked ‘biased’ in their nature.
When asked about Duke’s claims that she would be mayor for less than 2 weeks, Outspace admitted that she would not be Mayor for a whole month, but dismissed Duke’s claims as highly exaggerated. Outspace claimed that she would be mayor for more than 2 weeks, but when pressed for an exact date, she was highly evasive. An investigation by the Studio, has resulted in screenshots backing up Duke’s claim that Outspace will be a mayor for less than 2 weeks.
Outspace also said that she ‘cannot be held accountable’ for what her bandit group, the BMC do to the civilians and said that the citizens should forget what she did previously and have full trust in her to lead as mayor. She also said that she will avoid her group entirely and focus solely on civilians.
Outspace made her manifesto ledges clear, by pledging only 50,000 to the BlackHawks. Outspace also claimed that this group ‘wasted mayor money’ and an additional 50,000 will be spent on independent police.
Outspace said that before she leaves Pandahut she wished to be remembered for more than being just a notorious gang leader and wants to earn the respect of all citizens. She claimed that her motives are to help civilians, businesses and increase RP standards.
Outspace snubbed Duke and claimed that his vast amount of supporters have ‘the wrong idea’ about him. Outspace wants the citizens to reject Duke’s old ways and embrace a new way. Outspace also struck a more conciliatory approach at the end of the speech, by pledging to protect the Dukisti (Duke’s radical supporters) as she is not a dictator. Outspace also said that she will accept the election result even if she loses.
Thank you for participating, Outspace and as a journalist of the Golden Falcon Studios, I wish you luck in the upcoming electoral campaign!
Duke’s interview will be uploaded soon.
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By NeedlessMemeing
AJ, I'm not sure if you approved this frivolous attack piece against Outspace, but if so I am really disappointed in you. So much for unbiased news.
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By Javi-kun
AJ, I'm not sure if you approved this frivolous attack piece against Outspace, but if so I am really disappointed in you. So much for unbiased news.
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By Oldman AJ
This is in no shape or form biased, I have spoken to AJ myself and he approves of every word. im very sorry if you cannot handle an article.

thank you wallace
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By Oldman AJ
we are currently under planning process for our reviews
As I spoke to Wallace about the review he posted earlier.
Wallace has given me the sources which he used to write that review about Outspace
We will soon modify the review
and will post legit stuff rather than claims that causes tension between groups
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By Bat-Kat
as a new chief technical manager for GFS, i can now say that wallace has officially resigned from his place as editor in GFS and any further claims, posts, or articles made by him should not be directed back to GFS. Thank you all for your consideration
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By Bat-Kat
Hello everyone, welcome to my first article in Golden Falcon Studios, im happy to be here!

The mayoral race is very tight at the moment, with tensions between the 2 main candidates Outspace and Duke increasing. Here's a summary on each:
Duke is a semi-experienced roleplayer who's been mayor an astounding 6 times! One day, he surprisingly came back after being semi-inactive for about 4 months and announced he was running for mayor. Many of his old fans flocked to him immediately.

Outspace is an extremely experienced roleplayer who does not have any mayoral experience. She currently is leader of the bandit group BMC (Black Mamba Company), and she is running in the name of the citizens. Her main goal is to be known as the person who helped the citizens, not the person who everyone disliked before she goes on to boot camp as a US Air Force member.

Now, onto our next segment:
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All shops did not pay to have their place advertised.
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By GrandpaHoovie
aight, thx for sponsoring Fish Barrel
Glad to have ur buissness
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By Bat-Kat
Recently, at ~6:00 PM EST, Duke announced he was going to drop out of the candidacy for mayor. Messages from him:
And if no one else runs, this does in fact mean that Outspace will win the candidacy by default. This is not the first time this will happen in PH history.
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By Oldman AJ
Gucci Roleplayer Of Pandahut RP / An Interview with Quavo

After a long period of drama, I have decided to post the 12th Ep of Falcon Podcast
Quavo is an experienced roleplayer and is currently the richest player of Pandahut RP.
He has been playing Pandahut RP for the past couple of years and has gained the reputation among different members starting from former mayors to moderators.
and now currently he's playing as a BMC member and also as a Ceo for his newly started loan business

In today's episode, Quavo will talk about
1) How he came to know pandahut RP
2) How did he become a millionaire
3) His thoughts on Police force on Pandahut 10
4) His New Loan Business
5) The election that took place in the month of June 2019
6) Roles that plays other than kidnapper role
7)Future plans of Quavo / Quavo's mayoral election plan
9)His routine as an unturned roleplayer
and much more
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