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By Oldman AJ
Greetings Everyone

Today I have decided to establish my own media company Officially.

I have seen a lot of people in PH creating industries/companies to widen their brand across the servers
There are a lot of companies in different fields, For example - For construction / Building - we got Orange Inc, Killer clown even had one, I don't know if its there now, Cookie had his own town/housing company
We got Public Fire Inc, a Transportation company owned by ByBuch, We got Socials Hospital ™, a medical Company owned by Social Skillz
For media
We got Sim Magazine, a magazine company owned by iMC

There are a lot of companies based on normal roles, except for sim magazine (Its Unique and it's currently running unlike other media based companies which are shut down )

Well the company that I m gonna establish is kinda different

[img][/img] ... r_IrCN0PGA

Golden Falcon Studio ™ is a media company, where we produce video contents, Starting from advertisements to interviews, promos, series, movies and much more
Our Ultimate aim is to produce videos that would entertain people and help business owners to advertise and get their brand known around ph servers and also as a standard business owner in ph forums

" You wanna make a series based on your story? wanna advertise your business? where we would advertise on multiple platforms, wanna promote your group/gang?
GFS is the right place for you "

Job Opportunities -
Wanna join our crew? , We hire actors, voice actors and editors to produce quality videos/series
Salary - from 500 to 2k per day based on the scenes/ work, Our studio is a demand-based company, where we produce stuffs when we get clients, So you can't expect our studio to pay you the salary every day , But when we get the project from our clients, You would be paid by our company based on your work
To apply for the job - apply via discord for now, Based on the activity, a new thread will be published for people to apply for the job

for further questions, use the contact information

This thread is published to view the projects/videos that are created by the company
For job , Contact via discord

Thank you for reading, Have a nice Day

Contact me, My details are given below [ Signature area ] or join the discord server -
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By Social Skillz
Amazing idea, I love it.
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By ByBuch
Impressive idea and preparation there, i could bet that this will be one of the most famous Pandahut companies in both RP Servers. And damn, if more people start joining the forums, this will blow up in weeks or even days.
I imagine people waking up everyday and remembering to watch an intervew/talk about time of the many diverse companies and studios, gangs or bussiness, the most important stuff that is going or will be going on the Pandahut RP Servers. I just think that will surely be a big, like really BIG thing!

Good luck and good work as well!
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By iMC
I'm liking this new media company. This is a pretty good idea and I may end up using your services with interviews, advertisements, debates, etc.

To cooler roleplay-related content creation!

Believe it or not, my previous PCs/Macs have all been potatoes so I hardly know how to edit videos, let alone record. Hence why I stick to print media.
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By Oldman AJ
Sons Of Anarchy

Do you like to do the bad stuff for loot/money?
wanna be a member of a bandit brotherhood?
Wanna see how Bandit groups work or you wanna get trained as a new bandit? or become a pro by getting experience in a bandit group

Look no further !!! , We got Son's Of Anarchy Gang

Sons Of Anarchy is a PH 10 based bandit group based on real-life biker gangs
They are not as aggressive as the other bandit groups ( They don't raid or kidnap every freakin time )
But if you mess with their team by doing something against them, They will mess with you
They don't always do the bad stuff, SOA is more of a brotherhood than that of a gang

For those who don't know the achievements of SOA at ph 10
- SOA raided PPD Base ( worth more than 80k ) [ PPD - Officially Police department of PH 10 ]
- SOA got involved in many wars, they even once waged war against cops of 10 by destroying their bases and went against them on server
- SOA has even got into gang wars, currently they are in war against BMC I guess

Pros Of Joining SOA
- SOA team has got a good community, it's all about brotherhood, they don't treat you as a worker or some kind of a guy working for a boss.
- Being a member of SOA would help you get a lot of experience as a gang member, you would learn how to take decisions at the critical situations, how to be a better bandit and how to earn money in a quick way as possible as a bandit and much more
- SOA has got active online support unlike other groups, that means u can contact the leader if you got any doubts or questions or any help required

Cons of Joining SOA
- Bandit, Kidnapper, Weaponsmith, and Armorsmith can join this group, if u got any other role other than the roles that are mentioned here, you can contact Anarchy Machine
- Being a Bandit or a Bad Guy is not easy, at times you gotta sacrifice your loot during wars or raids, Don't worry, you will be paid or supported by the group
- You gotta learn a lot of stuffs if you are an average bandit, for those who got experiences in various groups, It will be easy for them, Don't worry, SOA will help you :-)

Sons Of Anarchy Promo

Promo Produced by Golden Falcon Studio

SOA is our first project :-)

SOA Series is currently under discussion, News regarding SOA Series will be updated soon in this thread
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By Apples
I love this idea, I will definitely look into it more after my term is finished. Good luck AJ!
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By Oldman AJ
White Coat Syndicate Promotion

WCS aka White Coat Syndicate is a Bandit Group based on Pandahut 10 Server [ Washington ]
An uprising bandit group after BH [ BlackHats ] and WSM [ Washington State Militia], Led by Jrider
WCS has been dominating PH 10 for weeks and they have waged war against BMC [ Black Mamba Company ]

It all started weeks ago when the war of Washington was announced on panda hut forums WCS made their debut during this war promotion and joined various other groups to fight against BMC

Unfortunately, SRO leader Supreme Leader was sick and left the war due to some health issues and on the other hand Team SOA was facing some kind of difficulties in their own team and their progress was gradually going down from the graph

This turned out as an opportunity for the White Coat Syndicate to main event the war and to lead their team with other gangs against BMC

WCS is getting serious in their crime game, where they started to impact Washington by their activities to prove the entire server and BMC that, They are gonna take over the server just like Blackhats did on PH 13


What are you waiting for? Join today, To take over Washington
Contact Jrider Either through panda hut forums or through discord

Wanna promo for your group? wanna advertise your unturned business here? Wanna start your own show? Contact Golden Falcon Studio Discord Server -
Panda hut Forums -
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By Oldman AJ
This is an Interview hosted by Falcon Podcast which is owned by Golden Falcon Studio

This is an in Depth Interview where Nando talks about
1) The backlash that he received during the Electoral Debate interview
2) Bandit Groups Of PH 10
3) PPD
4) Responding to the claims made by members of PH 10 in Social's Network

Recently in an interview hosted by Social Skillz, Members of PH 10 proclaimed the negative impacts of choosing Nando as the Mayor for the pandahut 10 server

In this podcast, you will hear clear explanations made by Nando based on the claims made by each member of PH 10 in Social's Network
He has also talked about some of the members ( Supreme Leader, Matt Cobra, Yoshi, and much more guys ) in the interview

This video was requested by Nando to give people the right information about his group and himself
and to clear all kind of confusions and doubts that citizens of Washington have got about PPD [Pandahut Police Department on Pandahut 10 ]

Hear this podcast, if u wanna know more about the ppd, current election status, bandits and much more

here is the link

PPD Discord -
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By Oldman AJ
An Interview with Jrider

This is an Interview hosted by Falcon Podcast
which is owned by Golden Falcon Studio

In this episode, Jrider talks about
1) How WCS Started [ Origins ]
2) what does he think about other bandit groups? on PH 10
3) What is his strategy to takeover pandahut 10
4) What is his opinion about Matt Cobra and His Gang (BMC) on ph 10
5) His opinion about PPD ( He compares it with FBI )
6) Future Plans for WCS
7) what will he do if he wins the elections ( which he lost )
8) what about the udontknow's attempt during the election campaign
9) Talks between Jrider and Matt Cobra [ Comparing both of them based on 10 and 13 ]
10 ) Words for those who hate WCS
11) Personal Message to Matt Cobra

In this interview, he talks about both the servers

Hear this podcast, To know more about white coat syndicate and to know their opinions about different groups and future plans
Here is the Link :

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By Oldman AJ
An In Depth Interview with Matty Newton

This is an Interview hosted by Falcon Podcast which is owned by Golden Falcon Studio This is an in Depth Interview with Matty Newton [ BH leader / Founder ]

who is Matty Newton?
Matty Newton is an experienced Bandit and the founder of Black Hats gang His group has been known for a lot of crime stuff starting from Organized Gang Robbery to Assassinations of higher class people starting from cops to mayors

Him as well as his group has terrorized Pandahut 13 by fighting against cops and kidnapping citizens from the town and even destroyed government supported businesses as well as Government funded Buildings
Black Hats Gang is said to be one of the most Controversial and powerful groups in the Pandahut History that have changed the RP experiences of the people playing pandahut servers

In this Interview, Matty Talks about
1) Future of BH
2) Current status of Pandahut servers
3) about police forces ( 10 &13 )
4) About Mods and Staffs
5) About Mayors ( 10 & 13 )
6) Criminal Groups of PH ( WCS , SOA, and BMC )
7) Advice for those who wanna be a powerful bandit
8) Message to his haters
9) Next Leader of BH after Matty Newton
10) About BH city
There are many things that Matty spoke in this interview that are not mentioned above So you really gotta listen to this, to get a detailed information about blackhat gang
And he even talks about some members of the pandahut community like Duke, Tomato Chunkz and much more guys so listen to this podcast to find out if Matty talks about you in this podcast

Here is the link

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