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By Kuya
Are there not any up to date gun/backpack/clothing mods in the game right now? I remember #3 Cherno and #8 PEI Large were very fun.
Pandahut #3 seemed to be really popular and was usually full from noon till late at night at that time, I don't see why some people think nobody liked modded servers. #8 didn't really get too much attention because stacked guys would bully new spawns off the server.

The point of modded guns/items is to provide more excitement to the game, if you don't like that, then stay vanilla. Don't be against an actual modded PvP server when we have 3+ Arena cycling map servers that no one wants to play even moreso compared to a modded server. If anything just bring back PEI Large and Cherno, the arena servers are only full for a few hours at a time at random anyway.
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