1. Dozens of Custom Plugins

  2. Select Your Own Role

  3. Role-Exclusive Shops

  4. Role-Specific Kits

  5. Role Tags in Chat

  6. Much, Much More!


Wanna be a walking tank? This guy.
  1. Tailor's can buy and sell nearly any equipable clothing item from the shop. Their job is simply to sell that clothing either with player shops or in person.
  2. "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." -Tony Robbins


Pretty much the Robbers.
  1. The greatest thieves are not caught. Not because it's not known that they are thieves but because you cannot accuse them of robbery and live. These thieves are praised as national heroes and liberators or as successful entrepreneurs. - Bangambiki Habyarimana
  2. Bandits can buy Roadsters from the shop.
  3. Bandits may assist other Bandits during robberies or resisting arrest.
  4. To call a robbery, you may type: /rob Mushy
    1. This will announce in world chat: "Loxton has called a robbery on Mushy!!"
  5. To call a robbery assist, you may type: /rob assist Loxton
    1. This will announce in world chat: "Dutchy is assisting in Loxton's robbery!"
  6. To call off or end a robbery, you may type: /robover
    1. This will announce in world chat: "Loxton's robbery has been called off!"
  7. To view details about ongoing robberies, you may type: /robs or /robberies
    1. This will display a list of online players currently participating in a robbery.
    2. This command is available to all players.
  8. Robberies are restricted ONLY to the Bandit Role. No other role perform robberies.
  9. Bandits have a 15-minute cooldown timer before performing another robbery.


Need a hand fighting your battles?
  1. "To be a bodyguard is to be a kamikaze pilot. Dedicated." -Mr. T
  2. Take orders using the /guard command


Build structures & trade materials
  1. "You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." - Walt Disney
  2. May act as a contract-based Construction Worker for other players.
  3. Can buy and sell all building materials directly from the economy shop.


Cook, trade, and eat all edible items!
  1. "I cook, I create, I'm incredibly excited by what I do, I've still got a lot to achieve." - Gordon Ramsay
  2. "Where's the lamb sauce?!" - Also Gordon Ramsay
  3. The only role that can purchase, trade, and sell all food items from the economy shop. Their job is simply to sell food items either with player shops, in person or back to the economy shop for a profit.


Need crafting materials? This guy trades them all!
  1. "Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is." - Charles M. Schulz
  2. May act as a contract-based Worker for other players.
  3. The only role that can purchase, trade, and sell all crafting items and powered materials from the economy shop.


Saves lives of both good and bad guys alike.
  1. "Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity." - Hippocrates
  2. Can buy and sell medical supplies from shop.
  3. Can be called by all players to assist with medical emergencies.
  4. CANNOT be punished or arrested for providing medical assistance to outlaws.


Trade illegal berries for cash or be a humble farmer.
  1. "My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but everyday, three times a day, you need a farmer" - Brenda Schoepp
  2. The only role that can purchase, trade, and sell all seeds, planters and other farming equipment from economy shop.
  3. Can buy seeds and plants legally but can also sell Berries illegally which can get the farmer arrested!
  4. Must be warry of property inspections by law enforcement when growing berries.

Drug Lord

Explore the black market of illegal berry trading.
  1. Strike black-market deals with corrupt farmers and sell berries at a higher price for profit.
  2. "I think it's too bad that everybody's decided to turn on drugs, I don't think drugs are the problem. Crime is the problem. Cops are the problem. Money's the problem. But drugs are just drugs." - Jerry Garcia
  3. "All empires are created of blood and fire." - Pablo Escobar


Patience is a virtue; especially when catching fish.
  1. Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers. - Herbert Hoover
  2. Has the ability to purchase and trade fishing-related items with other players.
  3. Considered a general citizen, out there to simply survive and enjoy the sunshine.


Want someone's head on a stick? Talk to this guy.
  1. "A street thug and a paid killer are professionals - beasts of prey, if you will, who have dissociated themselves from the rest of humanity and can now see human beings in the same way that trout fishermen see trout." - Willard Gaylin
  2. Get paid by claiming hits as long as you don't have a cooldown on you!


Hold hostages for ransom. Keep the cops at bay!
  1. Kidnap other players
  2. Only Kidnappers may assist other Kidnappers.
  3. To start a kidnapping, you may type: /kidnap Jayy 1500
    1. This will announce in world chat: "Josh is holding Jayy hostage for 1500 Bamboo ransom!"
  4. To assist in another player's kidnapping, you may type: /kidnap assist Josh
    1. This will announce in world chat: "Outspace is assisting in Josh's kidnap!"
  5. To call off or end a kidnapping, you may type: /kidnapover
    1. Typing the above command announces: "Josh has declared their kidnap over!"
  6. To view details about ongoing kidnappings, you may type: /kidnaps
    1. This will display a list of online players currently participating in a kidnapping.
    2. This command is available to all players.
  7. Kidnappers have a cooldown before kidnapping another player.


Aim to be the best businessman out there!
  1. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. - Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
  2. Has the ability to purchase the items that Decorators and Constructors can buy in the economy shop.
  3. Can run a unlimited amount of businesses to maintain power across the server.


Why walk around the map? Buy a vehicle from this guy!
  1. "The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools" - Confucius
  2. The only role that can purchase all vehicles in the game from the economy shop and sell them for profit.
  3. Mechanics can also set up shop to repair vehicles and sell parts such as tires, carjacks, batteries, and other items.

Police Officer

Deals with common offenses and arrests the bad guys.
  1. Enforce the laws and stop chaos
  2. "Police officers put the badge on every morning, not knowing for sure if they'll come home at night to take it off." - Tom Cotton
  3. May arrest players based on severity of the offence (More under the Arrests Section on this page).
  4. May issue tickets to players based on the severity of the offence (More under the Tickets Section on this page).
  5. No one is above the Law! Police can arrest anyone that they catch commiting crimes, even if higher ranking police. If a serious crime, a police role may be stripped of their duties (role change)

Police Chief

2nd-tier Police. One Police Officer as a subordinate.
  1. The boss of Police Officers.
  2. May arrest players based on severity of the offence (More under the Arrests Section on this page).
  3. May issue tickets to players based on the severity of the offence (More under the Tickets Section on this page).

Police Deputy

3rd-tier Police rank. The boss of Police Chiefs.
  1. The boss of Police Chiefs.
  2. May issue warrants to criminals
  3. May arrest players based on severity of the offence (More under the Arrests Section on this page).
  4. May issue tickets to players based on the severity of the offence (More under the Tickets Section on this page).
  5. Can also boss SWAT members.
  6. May raid (Just saying a police officer can /raid) with Police Officers at properties containing illegal items. Although the captain must have valid evidence that the location contains illegal items and must have the evidence at hand if questioned, if failure to have evidence the captain can be demoted from their rank.
  7. You may issue out search warrants to Police officials who request one. In order to do so, you must type: /sw playername "Search Warrant Location." (Quotes needed if more than one word)
    1. This will announce in world that the search warrant has been issued.

Police Captain

Top of the Top law-enforcement. King of the hill!
  1. The boss of all Police ranks, including SWAT.
  2. May issue warrants to criminals
  3. May arrest players based on severity of the offence (More under the Arrests Section on this page).
  4. May issue tickets to players based on the severity of the offence (More under the Tickets Section on this page).
  5. May raid (Just saying a police officer can /raid) with Police Officers at properties containing illegal items. Although the deputy must have valid evidence that the location contains illegal items and must have the evidence at hand if questioned, if failure to have evidence the deputy can be demoted from their rank.
  6. You may issue out search warrants to Police officials who request one. In order to do so, you must type: /sw playername "Search Warrant Location." (Quotes needed if more than one word)
    1. This will announce in world that the search warrant has been issued.


Building or refurbishing your house? Call this guy!
  1. Can buy and sell all interior and exterior decoration related items.
  2. Works very closely with builders while creating and touching up buildings such as houses, bases, stores, and offices.


Heavy-duty Officer. Handles more serious situations.
  1. If you face just one opponent, and you doubt yourself, you're out-numbered -Dan Millman
  2. Must follow the same rules as Police Officers.
  3. May issue tickets to players based on the severity of the offence (More under the Tickets Section on this page).
  4. May ignore 1st-tier Police Officers orders. Can still be arrested though.
  5. Must listen to Chief or higher positions.

Explosives Expert

Is having access to explosives your thing?  "Boom!"
  1. "There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved through a suitable application of high explosives." - Scott Adams
  2. Only role that can buy and sell explosives directly from economy shop.
  3. Are legally allowed to purchase confiscated explosives from any police rank. They are immune from search for 10 Minutes after giving payment for the explosives.

Uber Driver

Need a getaway driver? Or just a ride to the next town?
  1. Can purchase the following vehicles:
    1. All sedans
    2. Taxi
    3. Bus
  2. Uber Drivers are paid to drive players to their desired destination.


Everyone's best friend. Trades weapon-related items.
  1. Can purchase all weapons, attachments, and ammo from shop and sell them for profit.
  2. Can sell all of the above items except for ammo.
  3. To sell a gun to a player (whilst being a weaponsmith) you can do /sellgun playername amount Example: /sellgun RagnarosPower 1000
    1. When the sellgun command has been done, the input player will be sent a confirmation asking if he wants to buy Gun x for the amount of x. If the player confirms with a command then the weaponsmith will be paid and the gun will be given to the buyer.
  4. When the player receives his gun he will also be given a 1 day license for it (To avoid instant arrests) although the license price will also be taken out of the buyer's account.


The only role that may sell all items to the shop.
  1. May sell all items accepted by the shop at 10% to 40% of their regular price.


Charged with a crime? Look no further!
  1. "Lawyers are: One skilled in the circumvention of the law. " - Ambrose Bierce
  2. "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." -Pablo Picasso
  3. Receives a salary of 500 Bamboo per hour. Salary stacks on top of any existing Rank salary.
  4. Lawyers can offer their services to players who are jailed for 5 Minutes or longer and already have a pending court case.
  5. It is up to the detained player to accept or decline a Lawyer's services.
  6. Lawyers charge their clients a fee to defend them in court.
  7. Players who have proven themselves as reputable Lawyers may apply for the Judge position.


Interprets the State's Laws and decides on court cases!
  1. Receives a salary of 500 Bamboo per hour. Salary stacks on top of any existing Rank salary.
  2. As a Judge, you may hold a secondary role and go on Judge duty as needed.
  3. The Judge is responsible for deciding the fate of players convited of crimes.
  4. Judges may issue out search warrants to Police officials who request one.
  5. Judges have the power to sentence the defendant guilty or dismiss the court case.
  6. The Judge role can only be obtained by players who have proven themselves as reputable Lawyers.
  7. You must apply on our Forums to be considered for the Judge position.
  8. Judges will lose their permit if found to be involved in criminal activities.


Controls entire Police Force. Look out for Kidnappers!
  1. Receives 1600 Bamboo per hour from state taxes.
  2. Has access to the City's bank account, containing all money derived from tickets and warrants.
  3. As mayor you may have a second role. The only roles allowed for this are civilian roles except CEO, Doctor, Bodyguard, Salesman, any police and criminal role, and Judge.
  4. The most looked-out player by Kidnappers. The ransom value is 10,000 Bamboo.
  5. Outlaws may negotiate the Mayor's release, without a ransom.
  6. Income sources include toll booths, gun licenses, tickets, and state taxes.
  7. The Mayor can introduce Laws, which must be approved by RP Administrators.
  8. You may issue out search warrants to Police officials who request one. In order to do so, you must type: /sw playername "Search Warrant Location." (Quotes needed if more than one word)
    1. This will announce in world that the search warrant has been issued.


Lowest of society, but most potential growth & freedom
  1. "Family Kidnaped By Ninjas, Need $ 4 Karate Lessons" - Hobo
  2. Able to buy only bicycles.
  3. Starter role for players to get used to RP
  4. Get Paid Minimum wage of 13.50 BB Per Hour


Light Bandit Role
  1. Ability to raid bases, like bandits.
  2. Hides all items from /checkplayer when searched

Mafia Boss

Boss of the criminals
  1. "You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone." -Al Capone
  2. The highest criminal role attainable. Typically a Mafia Boss represents a large criminal group.
  3. May bribe officers to not join an RP event.
  4. May raid, rob, kidnap, and do drugs.
  5. Mafia Boss is only attainable through monthly votes. A player can be Mafia Boss as many months in a row as they possibly can.


"Bomb has been planted... Beep. Beep. Beep. BOOM... Terrorists Win"
  1. May purchase explosive-related items at a lower price than others.
  2. Able to counter criminal and police raids.
  3. Able to use fragmentation grenades, sticky grenades, snowballs, & precision charges when countering raids.
Select the rules section you wish to view in the menu below

Roleplay Rules: General

  1. RP Experience
    1. Fear roleplay, commonly abbreviated 'FearRP', is the concept that your character is afraid to die. This concept is most commonly understood as "Your life is the most important". Understanding that in real life we do not have a respawn button. When your life is at stake you must fear death and comply to threats unless you are 100% positively sure that you will survive. We highly enforce FearRP, although some situations come down to staff discretion.
    2. If you have an off-character issue then you MUST contact a staff member using the /adminh your message command.
    3. Links to the active laws for PEI and the Washington.
      1. LINK: PEI (RP#13).
      2. LINK: Washington (RP#10).
    4. No Sexual RP is allowed in any form!
    5. Please note all of Pandahut's Global Rules apply here. Such as no harassment/racism and more.

  2. RP Vehicles
    1. You are NOT allowed to hit people with any vehicles! Note: If you get run over while on the road accidentally, it could be considered your fault for being on the road! Although if the person in the vehicle sees the person on the road and still runs him over instead of stopping the car then that'll be the driver's fault!
    2. Unlocking a vehicle with a stealy wheely and stealing fuel from a vehicle leads to the thief being KoSable to the vehicle owner (or group)! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you allowed to kill players stealing from someone else but your own.
    3. You MAY NOT carjack, damage, pop tires, and destroy random vehicles without permission from the owner of the vehicle unless that vehicle is directly involved in an RP Event! Do not KOS a player who does so, call a staff member as it is FailRP.
    4. You MAY NOT leave your vehicles on the road! If a vehicle is caught left on the road with nobody in them, it may be destroyed by Staff members! A warning to the vehicle's owner will be given in world chat before the vehicle is destroyed.
    5. If a vehicle is unlocked then the owner of the vehicle who originally owned it will still be the owner of the car until someone else steals the car successfully.
    6. All player-placed objects must be directly connected to the vehicle or it could be wiped. The player-placed objects can also not be excessively large despite it may be directly connected to the vehicle due to them not having collision.
    7. If a player enters your vehicle (any vehicle type) in front of you, you are required to give them warnings (follow warning system) to step away from your vehicle if you want them to get out and/or if they are not getting out of the vehicle. Note that if the player drives away, you may shoot them (KoS) while they are within sight, or just pop the vehicle's tires. If the player successfully steals your vehicle and is out of your sight for more than two minutes, you MAY NOT kill this player. They are the new vehicle owner if the successfully steal the vehicle.
    8. You are not allowed to grow berries and crops on a vehicle.

  3. Player-Built Structures
    1. You cannot randomly destroy bases outside of Raids. Destroying or damaging (within reason) any part of a base (including crops) that does not belong to you is False Raiding. Note that items like placards on the outside of a base or a locker on the roof of a base is still part of the base. Use common sense when regarding what is and what is not part of a base.
    2. In order for a prefab and player-built structures to be considered a base, it must at least have a claimed bed or storage container. You may not raid random player-built structures even if it does not have a claimed bed and/or storage container.
    3. You may only place claim flags in your own base. Claim flags should NOT be used to claim any area located at, above, or below the map's pre-fab structures. This includes the diner, hospital, library, and other buildings that come with the map.
    4. Floating structures are NOT ALLOWED. All structures need to obey the law of physics. Your base can only have 3 pillars on each side (a total of 12 pillars) to support them upwards from the ground/roof of a prefab. Note: Pillars supporting a base upwards from the bottom to the top do not count towards base dimensions, but you must state in your raid description that the base is supported by pillars upwards of x amount of floors. An example of a proper raid description would be: /raid "4x4x3 Metal Base Supported By 3 Story High Pillars Behind Bank in Seattle".
    5. To prevent your base from being wiped if isn't finished, you must leave a sign stating it's under construction. This will temporarily qualify it as a base (it can still be raided).
    6. You must have a claimed bed OR at least one storage container inside your base.
    7. A player may have up to one base and one shop. A CEO may have 3 bases and one shop. Mayors can have a maximum of 2 bases and one shop. Each group may have a maximum of one group base and one group shop.
    8. RP Administrators may grant players with special build permits for buildings of miscellaneous purposes.
    9. Buildings that fall outside of the requirements above may be destroyed by Administrators.
    10. Each group may have a maximum of one group base and one group shop.
    11. Metal plates, placards, signs, or any other barricade should be used sparingly and not to build entire bases.
    12. If your base is built entirely under the floor and/or the top appears raided and it is wrecked by an admin, you will not be refunded.
    13. You MAY NOT claim areas or force players to pay in order to pass by a certain area. All players may walk around the map freely, without having to pay to pass.
    14. You MAY NOT create KoS zones! Claiming Areas / KoS Zones constitute the following:
      1. Blocking off any of the map's Islands (NOT artificial islands).
      2. Blocking off any of the map's Towns (NOT artificial towns).
      3. Blocking off any of the map's Bridges, even those that lead to a dead-end.
      4. Blocking off roads or/and driveways.
    15. The maximum dimension for a base and/or shop is 4(length) x 4(width) x 3(height) outside of a 100 meters from any prefab in Seattle, Everett, & Tacoma. Any base and/or shop within 100 meters of a Seattle prefab cannot be over a 2(length) x 2(width) x 2(height) dimension. Any base and/or shop within 100 meters of a prefab from Everett and Tacoma cannot be over a 3(length) x 3(width) x 2(height) dimension.
      1. (a) City limits/borders are determined by the location of prebuilt structures in the city's outskirts.
      2. (b) A range finder may be used to determine a person's base location in relation to city limits.
      3. Owners of buildings that fall outside of these restrictions must be given 24 hours to ensure their buildings are within legal limits. Failure to comply will result in the building being destroyed by admins.
      4. Bases may be combined or exceed the maximum permitted size with administrator approval only.
    16. Berry and crops are not allowed to be placed inside of Seattle. Players and groups are not allowed to have more than 8 plots worth of crops/berries at a time.
    17. If you sell a base to a player, you cannot salvage the base after the transaction has been done. You cannot defend the base that you built (unless you are police) if the base has been sold to another player. Each base you have that is not sold will still count as your own base (example: you cannot have twenty player-built bases that haven't been sold yet).
    18. If two bases are very close to each other, it will count as two bases unless the bases are directly connected to each other with an exit. If the bases are connected and can be accessed between one another, it will count as a single base.
    19. The dimensions of a base should be classified as follows:
      1. In length and width, each floor or roof horizontally counts towards the dimension.
      2. In height, each wall vertically counts towards the dimension.
      3. Triangular floors/roofs should be counted from the LONGEST STRAIGHT SIDE (this may go through the center of a triangle).

  4. Friendly Sentry Gun & Traps
    1. The friendly sentry gun and traps can ONLY be placed within a completely closed off base (inside the building), NOT facing a direct exit (open or closed). A direct exit would be if the exit (a door for example) instantly meets the outside of the base. This means you cannot place the friendly sentry gun or any traps anywhere else than your enclosed base. Your base MUST be non-accessible to other players except for your group members. You are allowed to have sentries in a shop if it cannot shoot anyone outside of the base (direct exit) and you do not bait people to die by the sentries.
    2. You cannot have any openable structure behind a direct exit to conceal a sentry gun or traps.
    3. Traps are an unturned classification of item. A non-exhaustive list of them includes Landmines, barbed wire, claymores, caltrops, and snares.
    4. You cannot use sentries to bait people if they are not actively involved with an RP event.

    1. If you found a loop-hole within the rules, you MUST report it to an RP Administrator, or create a forum post about it, failing to do so and going forward with abusing said loophole will result in more severe punishment.
    2. When being warned to leave a vehicle, base, or anything that is not related to an arrest, kidnap and robbery, you're NOT ALLOWED shoot back in self-defense. You can ONLY in cases of resisting an arrest, robbery, kidnap, or defending yourself from somebody randomly shooting you without any reasons.
    3. During an RP event (or countdown for event start) you are not allowed to switch roles in order to participate in the RP event.
      1. Examples: You cannot switch to the Police role during the 2-minute countdown for base raids, or switch to bandit to assist a bandit being arrested.
    4. You cannot kill a player if their gun is on safety mode and they switch it off safety in an RP event.
    5. If the player you are calling the RP event on begins to shoot the weapon and/or swing the melee weapon they are already holding, you may kill them in self-defense. A Recording may be required by staff or it could be considered KOS.
    6. When putting your hands up to surrender in an arrest, kidnap, or robbery, performing any kind of motion to cancel cuffing animation is counted as FailRP.
    7. Scamming is not allowed.
      1. If a player cannot complete their transaction on either side, then the deal MUST be called off. Note: If a player can complete their transaction but doesn’t willingly do so, they might be forced to complete the transaction. This depends on the staff member at the time and the transaction itself. Transactions like a 5 million BB coin flip where one side cannot pay will not be honored, and the transaction will be canceled.
    8. Spawning in an excessive amount vehicles, items, and intentionally causing lag will result in punishment per staff discretion.
    9. You may not TP people in and/or out of a mod sit unless given permission by the staff member dealing with the sit. You are allowed to TP in and out of an area if you are a hitman or have a hit on you. You cannot leave the game in order to leave an RP events like kidnaps, robberies, getting jailed, arrests, and court dates.
    10. We are NOT responsible for covering items lost if you remove someone from your steam group while they are online. If you have an active group where members can be added and removed, use an in-game group to prevent such loss. If you remove someone from your steam group while they are online and begin to salvage your stuff staff may kick this player, however, they are NOT responsible for retrieving or compensating from items lost during such activity.
    11. You must wait at least 2 minutes after you switch to any outlaw role to perform a rob/kidnap/hit, or it is Fail RP. This rule is not applicable to Bodyguards and Doctors.
    12. If you are damaged by crossfire from an RP event that you're not apart of, you can't defend yourself, as it is considered your own fault for being in the way.
      1. If you are purposefully caught in crossfire, contact a staff member. Do not kill the player(s).
    13. If you died and your body was looted by another player, you MAY NOT demand that the player gives back your items. The only time someone must drop your looted items is if the player unrightfully KoS'ed you. This can only happen if decided by a Moderator on duty. This also counts if by example you dropped an item and a random person comes and picks it up, you MAY NOT tell them to drop it as it's your fault for dropping the item publicly. You cannot pick up KOS loot. If you pick up KOS loot, a staff member can clear your entire inventory.
    14. You may not salvage anything when an RP event is called on you. If you are in a vehicle or a base, you cannot have players salvage an item to help you while you are in an RP event. Note: If you have a hit on you whil you are actively hiding from a hitman and/or you are a hitman who is actively searching for your prey, you cannot salvage items.
    15. Multiple events may be called on a base. Multiple events can be called on a player, however, it comes down to a case-by-case basis and is left to staff discretion on whether or not a certain situation is fair or not (i.e. a bandit calls a robbery on an officer who is rescuing a hostage and that officer is shooting, the bandit cannot instantly kill the officer because they have no chance to react, which would not be allowed). If your intent is to only kill the player, then that is not allowed. Your goal is to complete the respective mission that is assigned to each RP event.
    16. Keep World Chat to RP only. Do not argue and use excessive caps in chat. This rule is lightly enforced (i.e not just an instant ban, warnings first).
    17. Uber Drivers may play music through their microphone if they are driving a player to a destination for the entertainment of their passengers. The music must follow all global rules and cannot be too loud. You are responsible for anything said in the music, and staff members will have discretion over your music's volume level and its accordance to our Server Rules.
    18. CEOs may not put claim flags in anything other than their base and shop (maximum of 2 claim flags). If caught having more than two claim flags as a CEO and/or a claim flag is overlapping another base, one of the claim flags may be wiped with no warning.
    19. If you are attacked by a KoSer (damaged or health has been reduced), you have the right to self-defend within a reasonable time frame (1-2 minutes).
    20. You cannot call RP events (robberies, arrests, kidnaps, etc.) on your own group member. Please use common sense for this.
    21. If an RP event is called on a player who is actively shooting, the player must be given a reasonable chance to respond to that RP event or it might be taken as the intent is only to kill the player if you kill the player instantly. A recording may be required to support the executor and their assistor's side.
    22. A bribe issued by a Mafia Boss can only relate to that police player not participating in an RP event. If the bribed player breaks this rule, it is considered scamming!
    23. An Agent is able to do three warnings within 20 seconds using /wp. If an Agent does not use /wp and instead warns the player manually, the player must wait at least seven seconds every warning before making another warning.

  6. Warning System:
    1. Most of our roles need the use of a warning system. Roles like Police, Bandits and Kidnappers use warnings to successfully complete their respective missions. Each role must give out 3 warnings. For text warnings, you MUST make your first warning in World or Area chat and the last two in Voice or Area/World chat, depending on the situation. All warnings should have a 10 seconds interval between each warning, although upon reaching your 3rd warning you must ensure that you allow an extra 10 seconds after you've given your 3rd warning before KoSing the player. Failure to do so will result in a ban depending on the severity and will be considered KoS. Make sure that your warnings are CLEAR on what you want your victim to do. For example:
    2. If a player is in your base, you may give them 3 warnings to leave. If they do not comply, you must warn 3 times in world chat before killing them. IMPORTANT: The player must be INSIDE your base. If they are just hanging outside of a base, that is allowed. Warnings to leave reset after 5 minutes. (Warn a player twice, they come back 3 minutes later, warn them for the third time.)
      1. Bandit: "Warning 1, drop your visible guns and backpack. Do NOT pull out a gun." (There is no need to add the victim's name since the /rob command has the player's name in it when announced.)
      2. Police: "Warning 1, do not pull out a gun, please put your hands up." (There is no need to add the victim's name since the /arrest command has players name in it when announced.)
      3. Mechanic: "BananaMan, out of my base now! Warning 1! (You MUST add the player's name, since there is no command to ask a player to leave your base.)
    3. Any scenario not outlined below required a target name.
      1. Roles that are required to use the warning system are the following:
      1. Bandits - Required to use the warning system right after using the /rob command.
      2. Police - Required to use the warning system right after using the /arrest command.
      3. Kidnappers - Required to use the warning system right after using the /kidnap command.
      1. Situations that REQUIRE a warning with the PLAYER NAME included. (All roles)
      1. Stolen Vehicle - You are required to follow the warning system when someone enters your vehicle in front of you. However, if a player stealy wheelies a vehicle, he is instantly KoS to the Owner(s). If the player has successfully stolen your vehicle and is out of your render distance, the vehicle is now considered theirs. If the player successfully steals the vehicle and it becomes theirs, they MUST wait 2 minutes until they can add that vehicle to a garage.
  1. Rules: Kidnapping
    1. People not involved in the rescue or kidnapping RP events cannot intervene (i.e No blowtorching walls or destroying police charges just if you own the base but aren't kidnapping.)
    2. Kidnappers can KOS anyone who enters the kidnapping base if the base was fully closed at the start of the RP Event and they do not bait people to enter the base in any way.
    3. During a kidnap the kidnappers must be within 35m~ of the kidnapping base if the hostage is inside a base. If a kidnapping is out in the open and the hostage runs away, the kidnappers must actively try to follow the hostage.
    4. You cannot fly around in planes, helicopters or any other air vehicles with plates to cover yourself. The kidnapping can be in a vehicle or base, but not in an air vehicle.
    5. Has the right to self-defense and may shoot if the player being kidnapped pulls out a weapon (Only if the weapon was pulled out AFTER the kidnap starts.) If a weapon was already in the victim's hand before the kidnap command was utilized, you must follow the warning system specified in section VII.
    6. The kidnapped player has the right to self-defense and may shoot and kill the Kidnapper.
    7. Upon your kidnap being over, you MUST officially call it over by using the command /kidnapover. Failing to call the kidnap over can lead to being killed by police officers that believe you are still kidnapping. Being killed for such reason is considered your fault and CAN lead to punishments for not following the FearRP system specified in section I. Some examples of when your kidnap would be over include but are NOT limited to the following:
      1. Receiving a ransom.
      2. Hostage running away.
    8. If a Kidnapper must use the warning system on a hostage, then at least one of the warnings must be in AREA or WORLD chat. The rest of the warnings can be in Voice Chat, AREA, and/or WORLD chat.
    9. The kidnapper MUST use the kidnap command on the player they're attempting to kidnap.
    10. When in a hostage situation the police officers have to type the /rescue command. When a rescue is called, the officer is now KoSable to the kidnapper and vice versa. Rescuing officers may raid the kidnap base or vehicle to get to the kidnapped victim. Note: The rescuing officers may only raid what they need to to get to the kidnapped player (they cannot raid storage just for the sake of getting loot).
    11. Police can only end their rescues if they must leave or the kidnap is over, this is to prevent abusing /rescueover to re-position.
    12. During an active rescue, Police in the area are KoSable if they are in proper uniform.
      1. This is to prevent police from running around, giving info, hiding nearby and calling rescue when they got an unfair advantage.
      2. Note: This applies ONLY to active Police rescues.
    13. Kidnappers may also be paid the ransom by another player before releasing the hostages. Once this is done the kidnapping must be declared over using the command /kidnapover and there can be no shooting from the police force.
    14. Upon kidnapping somebody, you MUST accept a ransom. Simply kidnapping somebody and refusing a ransom WILL lead to punishments.
    15. You must call over if failing an on-going chase. This typically means that if the kidnapped player has left your sight for 5 minutes, then you MUST call the kidnap over.
    16. Kidnappers may NOT kill hostages, unless the hostage attempts to run away or kill the Kidnapper. Kidnappers are NOT required to feed, heal or assist their hostage whilst in their custody. If the hostage attempts to run away, you MUST follow the warning system which is specified in section VII.
    17. The maximum ransom amount you may demand during a kidnap is the following:
      1. The maximum for random players is 3,000 bamboo.
      2. The maximum for Police Chief's is 5,000 bamboo.
      3. The maximum for Police Deputy's is 8,000 bamboo.
      4. The maximum for Police Captain's is 12,000 bamboo.
      5. The maximum for Mayors is 10,000 bamboo.
    18. Kidnappers cannot come back to the area around the kidnapping if they die until the kidnapping is officially over.
  1. Rules: Terrorists
    1. A Terrorist can only use fragmentation grenades, sticky grenades, snowballs, & precision charges when countering raids.
    2. A Terrorist must wear at least three articles of military clothing (Arctic, Desert, and/or Forest) when countering a raid.
    3. A Terrorist cannot come back to the raid zone if the Terrorist dies inside the raid zone.
    4. Terrorists can only counter arrests that is made on a Smuggler, Terrorist, & Explosive Experts.
  1. Rules: Hits
    1. Hitmen MAY defend themselves if their prey damages them even before the Hitman's prowl cooldown is over and/or they switch to hitman within two minutes and gets attacked by prey.
    2. If a second hit is placed on the same person, the bounty is increased by the amount paid. The time does not increase or reset.
    3. Hitmen are the ONLY role that can collect on hits. No other roles can collect.
    4. Once a hit is active ANY Hitman may kill one of the person(s) on the hit list every 30 minutes.
    5. Hitmen are ALWAYS vulnerable to any player on the hit list, even during bounty cooldowns.
    6. To be removed from the hit list
      1. Kill any Hitman
      2. Survive for 12 hours
      3. Pay the hit using the /payhit command
        1. Tip: You may hire bodyguards to protect you.
    7. If you are in a group with a player with a hit on them, you can not use GROUP abilities for RP advantages whether or not it was agreed upon with the target. Note that only the information below is not allowed. Information not listed below is allowed (telling a group hitman where a player with a hit is for example).
      1. Leaving the group to claim a hit whilst knowing victim's exact location.
      2. Victim asking a groupmate to kill him and share the reward money.
      3. You cannot kill a hitman or a player with a hit that is in the same group as you.
    8. You cannot TP to a hitman for them to kill you to easily get the money.
  1. Rules: Bodyguard
    1. Can rescue their client from a kidnapping. Bodyguards MUST do /rescue if their client has already been kidnapped.
    2. May ONLY protect their client in situations where their client may also defend themselves. Example: (If protecting a bandit, you may only fire once the bandit is fired at)
    3. May KoS any unwanted intruder of the building they are protecting. The intruder must be warned THREE times to leave the premises.
    4. Bodyguards can defend their client in any situation that their client can also defend themselves in. In RP Events that the client has elected to put himself in such as robbing or raiding, the bodyguard must join the event as well.
    5. The bodyguard can be KOSed in any situation where the client can also be KOSed. Note: The bodyguard is a separate entity in RP situations. Example: If a bodyguard pulls a gun during an arrest on their client, the bodyguard cannot be killed because of that.
    6. Bodyguards can KOS the killer of their client for up to a minute after the event has ended OR as long as they maintain line of sight with the killer.
    7. Any situation where the client has been KOSed and/or Attempt KOSed may not be defended by the bodyguard. You may only defend in situations following the rules.
    8. If a Bodyguard plans to assist in an arrest with an officer, plans to rescue their client from kidnappers, and/or plans to counter a base raid while guarding an officer that does not own that base, the Bodyguard does not have to be wearing at least three articles of police clothing.
    9. May ONLY protect their client in situations where their client may also defend themselves. Example: If protecting a bandit, you may only fire once the bandit is fired at. Note: If a hitman has a bodyguard guarding them, the bodyguard may kill any player with a hit, regardless of whether or not the hitman is on prowl or not. This also means that players with a hit may kill a bodyguard on sight if they are guarding a hitman.
  1. Rules: Robberies
    1. Robberies are restricted ONLY to the Bandit Role. No other role may perform robberies.
    2. Upon your robbery being over, you MUST officially call it over by utilizing the /robover command. Such examples of when your robbery would be over include but are NOT limited to the following:
      1. Successfully robbing the person and retrieving your stolen goods. If the player drops their backpack and/or visible guns during the robbery, then the robbery must be called off.
      2. If the robbed player has left your sight for 5 minutes then you must call your robbery over.
    3. Bandits may only demand the backpack and visible weapons of their victim. Note: If you see the player that you're robbing pull out a weapon and then hide it in their inventory you CAN ask them to drop it.
    4. When robbing, you MUST be face-to-face or within 15 meters with the person you're robbing!
    5. ANYONE can kill a bandit who is robbing a player.
    6. If the player has no backpack and visible guns, then a Bandit cannot call a robbery on the player.
  1. Rules: Arrests & Arrest Warrants
    1. Arrests
      1. The player must be handcuffed only after the arrest is called.
      2. Once the player has been arrested and put inside a cell, their arrest warrant must be removed.
      3. Upon your arrest being over, you MUST officially call it over by utilizing the /arrestover command. Such examples of when your arrest would be over include but are NOT limited to the following:
        1. Successfully arresting the player and giving them their assigned punishment.
        2. Failing an on-going police chase. This typically means that if the arrested player has left your sight for 5 minutes, then you MUST call the arrest over.
      4. Police officers must wait at least 10 minutes to arrest or ticket the same person for the same reason.
    2. Arrest Warrants
      1. Upon having a warrant on you, the only time you may self-defend is when a police officer has started an arrest on you, at which point you may KoS them. Meaning, you cannot go ahead and kill every single police officer you see simply because you currently have a warrant on you.
      2. When a player with a warrant is surrendering, they must announce their surrender in world chat at least once.
        1. NOTE: If a player has a warrant on them any officer by the law may arrest them.
        2. Once a surrender is declared, the player may not resist arrest or do anything to prevent officers from taking them into custody.
      3. When a player surrenders, they must be taken to a police station and be FULLY inside before the arrest can be called.
    3. Search Warrants
      1. You cannot call a search warrant on a base that has no owners online.
      2. You cannot search warrant two bases that has only one owner at the same time.
      3. Players must be given a reasonable amount of time to respond to any search warrants.
      4. After completing a search warrant on a base, the searching officer must declare the search warrant over.
  1. Rules: Bandit and Police Raids
    1. After the raid command is executed, the base cannot be salvaged by anyone
    2. All raids on a player made bases MUST include the dimensions/size of the base, as well as direction (north, south, east, west, across or behind) from the closest landmark (town, building, Administrator TP box, not including Player-made landmarks). Your raid description allow anyone to easily find the base without having to guess or look in a wide area.
    3. If a prefabricated building (buildings that come with the map) has multiple separate owners of different groups, you cannot raid the entire building in one /raid. (ex. If it's an apartment building with each floor owned differently, although if all floors are owned by the same group you can raid them all in one /raid). Player-built buildings may be raided in a single /raid, regardless if there are multiple owners.
    4. IMPORTANT: You must wait 3 days before raiding the same base. This also counts for groups! Even if one person in your group raided a base, the entire group CANNOT raid the same base for 3 days!
    5. Raid Zones and each side of a raid:
      1. Raiders: Once raid timer is up, Raiders are allowed to kill any player in the immediate area (around 50 meters) of the base being raided, so long as they are still attempting to break into the base. If you are shot by a raider outside of the raid zone, you are allowed to kill the raider. However, if you are shot in the raid zone and you are not a defender, you cannot defend yourself.
        1. If you are raiding a base, you must stay within 30 meters of the raid building destroying parts of the base, in order to show that you are actively raiding. Failure to follow the rule shows that a kill zone is being created and the raider has no intent to raid, just kill. Raiders must end the raid if they leave the raid zone area listed above.
        2. You must start the raid from outside the base. You cannot start the raid while inside the base.
        3. You MAY NOT place anything besides metal plates and window plates (one way plates, and bullet proof plates) in and/or on the base you are raiding. Note: You cannot build a base and hide in it while raiding a base with the intention of circumventing this rule to not allow defenders to raid your building.
      2. Defenders: Defenders consist of Base Owners as well as Police/Swat Officers. Defenders are allowed to only kill the raiders unless a random player is caught in a raid zone which makes the defenders unaware whether he is a raider or a civilian, this is considered as being caught in a crossfire and is not counted as KoS.
        1. Bandit Raids: General Rules for all Defenders
          1. Defenders should be around 50 meters of the base to be allowed to defend it. This is to prevent players from taking advantage of the 2-minute cooldown or engage in cross-map sniping.
          2. Defenders cannot come back after being killed, however, Police can. Note: If a police member owns in any way the base being raided, they cannot come back after being killed.
          3. Defenders may destroy any raider-placed object to gain access to the base they are defending. They must not damage anything but the plates. They cannot use any explosive weapon or item. (Ex. Detonators and Charges). Armor-penetrating guns such as the Dragonfang are fine.
        2. Bandit Raids: Specific Rules for Police Officers
          1. If an Officer in uniform is seen near the base (~50 meters), they may be killed by raiders as they are considered to be defending the base.
        3. Police Raids: Players MAY DENY a search of their base by Police.
          1. During a Police raid, officers of all ranks must take screenshots of the raided base along with any illegal/controlled substances found in the property. A screenshot of the outside of the base must also be taken.
          2. Only base-owners (group) are allowed to defend the base.
          3. Police can only destroy what they need to get rid of the illegal items. They cannot destroy the entire base.
      3. If ALL the players participating in the raid have died, the raid is considered OVER. If any raid member has died during the raid he CANNOT come back unless all participating raiders have called their raid over. Police may come back after being killed.
        1. You CANNOT place a bed near the base you're raiding.
      4. If you have destroyed their beds, the owner(s) can still reclaim their base. Note: After the raid is over, the surviving raiders are allowed to stay in the base for 10 minutes to pick up loot and so on. Base owners CANNOT tell surviving raiders to leave until the 10 minutes are over.
      5. When you've raided a player-built base you CANNOT claim the base as yours! The base will forever be owned by the person who has built it.
      6. Any bases that contain a prefabricated building may be claimed, but only when ALL player placed objects (small barricades like plates, lights, placards, & signs don't need to be destroyed) are destroyed in a valid raid. If an object is hidden from view, it does not count.
      7. Objects are counted from being hidden from view if they are but not limited to being inside cabinets, fridges, walls, under tables, inside other objects, tucked away in corners. Mod discretion will be used to determine if an object is hidden or not.
      8. Hiding lockers/storages to use for reclaiming bases is not allowed, so there is no reason in hiding weapon racks or any other storage items.
      9. The following are the ONLY roles that may call or assist a Bandit Raid:
        1. Bandit
        2. Drug Lord
        3. Hitman
        4. Kidnapper
      10. The following are the ONLY roles that may call or assist a Police raid:
        1. Police
        2. SWAT
        3. Captain
        4. Deputy
        5. Chief
      11. The following roles may ASSIST BOTH types of raids. (No cooldown, must be paid to assist):
        1. Bodyguard
        2. Doctor
    6. You cannot bait raiders by going in and out of the raid zone.
  1. Rules: Police, Lawyers and Judges
    1. You may set a maximum jail time of 15 minutes.
    2. Law enforcement roles may only issue out tickets and warrants if they witness the crime. They MAY NOT use chat for this advantage. Witnesses can tell law enforcement roles if they see a crime, which the officers can then act on that without needing to witness the crime themselves.
    3. The minimum bail that MUST be given is 500 bamboo and the maximum is 5000 bamboo.
    4. Note: You must apply on our Forums to be considered for Police Deputy, Captain, Chief, as well as Judge positions.
    5. Lawyers may charge their clients a minimum of 500 and a maximum 10,000 Bamboo for their services.
    6. If a player has been sentenced to death, the player must be executed within a reasonable amount of time.
    7. Players with a prison sentence of 5 minutes or longer may be charged by Police Chiefs or higher. Players may choose to not go to court and instead serve their time entirely. If players choose to not go to court, they cannot be forced to do so.
    8. If an officer is planning to raid, counter a raid, rescue, or arrest, the officer must be in proper uniform.
      1. At least 3 pieces from a set of clothes or full uniform (spec ops clothes paired with coalition clothes and/or regular police clothes is still proper uniform), must be instantly recognizable.

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